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17 June 2015

12 August 2015

Khayisa Church, Thambo Village


Nonkululeko Gwele

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Another One Song Circle - Ingoma Enye Esangqeni

Last year our "One Song Circle" prepared a fundraising song which was showcased at the Kidd House Variety Concert at Bishops Diocesan College. We loved it - they loved it, so one year later, "Another One Song Circle" is back - now named "Ingoma Enye Esangqeni".

Our experienced volunteer Nonkululeko Gwele (assisted this time by Bonga Myegeni) will meet twice a week for a couple of hours with 11 members of the lovely Youth Group from Khanyisa Church & Izandla Zethemba to practise a song / dance for this years Variety Concert at Bishops, held in August 2015.
Apart from giving the children / youth the opportunity to learn more about singing / dancing in a group and the experience to showcase their piece in front of a big audience, this is our way of saying "Thank you" to the Kidd House Family as they have been raising funds to support our cause!

Whilst we are still right at the beginning of this Circle, we were impressed with their song/dance already (have a look at the pictures below). We have this inkling that this years performance will be particularly good :)

Maybe there is double motivation this time as the Spur Foundation is sponsoring a meal to all participants. How happy the faces looked when the Spur Burgers & Chips were distributed and how quiet it was during the time the meal was enjoyed! Smile - and how loud the singing got afterwards! THANK YOU SPUR!!!

More pictures and descriptions to follow ...

Pictures from the Circle