The children came home with the biggest smiles I have ever seen.
- Karen from Youth Empowerment Organisation

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16 October 2015

11 December 2015

Al Noor Orphanage Centre


Danielle Volker

Artists under construction

Thruworths is one of our most loyal funders. Not only do we receive generous monetary support from them, but their involved employees volunteer with us on a regular basis - mostly at our Fun Day Programme. Danielle Volker attended one of these - and although she has full-time employment at Truworths, decided that she has time enough to get involved in our Circle programme, too.

Loving the Arts & Crafts, Danielle will give 11 young girls from Al Noor Orphanage Centre bi-weekly opportunities to get creative!

The first session was held on Saturday, 17th October 2015 and despite working from a long, narrow and rather hot container, a super first Circle session was had by all! Danielle brought with her a big variety of buttons, paint, beads and paper, which were used to create interesting and beautiful pictures (have a look at the photo's below"). The girls also loved their treat at the end of the session: homemade cupcakes just are the best! Whilst walking out of "the studio" we overheard a girl saying "I am definitely coming back here"! Well done Danielle!

The second session involved some yummy craft material: biscuit decorating! Having worked from the dining room inside All Noor, the venue was much better to work in and the girls loved their delicious activity. The 11 girls managed to melt Danielle's heart when after the session they took their decorated treasures outside to share with all the other children residing at Al Noor :)

Session 3 was again a real hit as the girls eagerly threaded beads to create their own jewelry. A sparkly session indeed!

Pictures from the Circle