After experiencing Saturday’s events it became clear that those wonderful children were teaching me life-skills too!
- Lester-Mark

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10 October 2017

05 December 2017

Lourier Primary School


Anja and Ursula

BEEing Art Circle

Anja and Ursula have been having a wonderful time with 8 learners from Lourier Primary School. Each week, they tackle a new art medium and let the creativity run free!

Session 1:
This session was a bit of an experiment for both Anja and the artists. Anja played three types of music: Classical, African and Rock music and they were asked to draw what they heard.

Session 2:
It was rip-roaring fun at this session, when each learner was asked to use pieces of magazine to make a rhino - recycling at it's best!

Session 3:
Shoot for the stars!

Session 4:
These worms certainly don't make you want to run and scream! Ursula facilitated the session on her own today, as Anja was away but certainly not forgotten. Each child wrote a letter to Anja, sending their love and wishing her well. Having been with this group for a few months now, they have shared in a lot of love and laughter together and that is what makes these Circles special.

Session 5:
The bags created in this session had transparent stars, which are very pretty indeed! There was also a special treat in store for the learners this week - Ursula's mother visited from Switzerland and brought a delicious Swiss chocolate for each of the children - yum!

Session 6:
The last session of the term brought with it relaxing music, chatting and beautiful 'doodling'

Pictures from the Circle