There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.
- Walt Streightiff

Event details

27 July 2018

09:00 - 12:00

Tygerberg Children's Hospital


Connect123 -

We spent the morning with the brave, little superheroes in the Paediatric Oncology Ward at the Tygerberg Hospital. The students from Connect123 were eagerly awaited. They had visited before and spread lots of love and light. Anthea Lynn Lewis, the Programmes Manager of "TLC" (Tough Living with Cancer) had mentioned to us that the kids faces lit up as soon as they heard that "the Americans" (Connect123 students) were coming with Sisanda.

Today they would be making beautifully decorated rain-makers and beaded bracelets. The craft "station" was quickly set up so that from here all the art supplies could be brought to the kids in their beds. Those who were strong enough joined at the craft table. Family member's whose children were too weak to take part were able to join in which was a welcomed break for their troubled minds.

Stunning rainmakers were created by filling rice and alufoil into the provided paper tubes. They were then embellished with colourful crystal stickers, letters of the alphabet, ribbon, thread etc. Yet, the favourite part of the process was painting the tubes with fat blotches of colour. There was bright orange, blue, green, red and green. Colours were mixed and we tried to keep the creative mess at bay as best as possible. Soon the kids were shaking their rainmakers to their own beat.
Other children were absorbed in jewelry-making. One of the boy's made his mother a very special necklace, one of the girls made a friendship bracelet for her volunteer and one of the volunteers painted batman onto his child's rainmaker!

All in all we spent another heartfelt morning with inspiring, little warriors.
Thank you Anthea, TLC and the Oncology Ward for letting us share this morning with you with your angels.

Pictures from the Circle