A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer
- Anonymous

Event details

06 July 2018

09:00 - 12:00



Connect123 - "Colourful Morning!" at Ncedolwethu Educare

This special day will definitely not be forgotten by the 9 American students from Connect123 who joined us in Mfuleni. And so won't the 40 children attending this tiny Educare. They will carry this fun filled experience with them in their little (BIG) hearts for a very long time.

The morning activity was creating dragon-flies out of popsicle sticks and decorating them with sparkly stickers, bobble eyes and colourful patterns. They also loved the face-paint and catching soap bubbles. As always the boys loved their soccer games! Luckily our team leader Bonga is a soccer fanatic and did not mind being the goalie.

Whilst drawing, there was a lot of chit chat going on between the kids. They were trying to communicate with the students. So Bonga came to the rescue and translated the Xhosa chatter. Amongst the things said were:
"She is a dragonfly!" and "Come sit here with me." (Xhosa: Hlalal Phantsi)

For some of the students this was their first time in such a remote little Educare. They were touched by the kind hearted Educare-teachers who welcomed them with song and a run down on their daily programme. The students observed that the carers are able to put their harsh realities aside and bravely educate the kids through play and song throughout the day. The majority of the children's parents are unemployed, single headed families where often the care of the children becomes the responsibility of an older sibling. These Educares' become a sanctuary of both educational and emotional support. Where they know that once a day they receive a meal and lots of love.

Pictures from the Circle