A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer
- Anonymous

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10 August 2018

09:00 - 12:00



Connect123 - "Sandart" Ncedolwethu

12 Students from an American "Childlife" programme visited "Ncedolwethu Educare" in Mfuleni. An Educare we have collaborated with over many years.

This was a new experience for some of the students as they had only visited the Red Cross Hospital so far. This excursion was very insightful and eye-opening as they saw the living conditions in an informal settlement first hand.

Nicolene the owner of the Edu-care explained that she lives in a make-shift shack behind the Educare. Their brick home was turned into the Edu-care, due to the Educare Rules and Regulations. They gave up their own living conditions to be able to continue running the Educare. Now, that is love and passion.

The morning was spent with the children creating sand-art and colouring in books. Then there were lots of soap bubbles to catch outside. Most of the kids warmed up to the students very quickly and by the end of the day all of them were very familiar with them.

Later Bonga, our great Activity Leader, translated English bed-time stories into Xhosa. One of the American students told The Three Little Pigs story whilst acting like the pigs. This was very amusing and hilarious for everyone (even the adults).

Towards the end of the visit there was a lot of singing in both Xhosa and English. All in all it was a fun and educational morning for everyone.

Thank you to the Spur Foundation for the very refreshing ice-tea!

Beautiful memories will certainly be taken home to America.

Pictures from the Circle