I have so many amazing memories of the day (that I will cherish)!
- Robyn Watters (volunteer)

Event details

03 March 2014

25 May 2014

Salesian Institute


Drumming Circle

Mix 7 motivated pupils of the "School of Skills" from the Salesian Institute with a dedicated drummer from New York and you will get a stunning recipe for some up-beat fun and rhythmic education.

Welcome to Ethan Glenn's Drumming Circle!

For the next (almost) 3 months, our 19-year old American Intern Ethan Glenn will give 4 drumming lessons a week to 7 boys from the Salesian Institute. Thanks to Butler's Pizza, each boy has his own "bucket-drum" to play on. Who would have thought that so many different beating - pulsing - knocking - clicking - banging - throbbing sounds could be unlocked from a simple plastic tub! Already at their first meeting, some of the improvised songs sounded simply amazing!

We are very much looking forward to hearing this groups progress at the end-of-Circle-Show planned to be held sometime in May!

Pictures from the Circle