After experiencing Saturday’s events it became clear that those wonderful children were teaching me life-skills too!
- Lester-Mark

Event details

27 August 2015

26 November 2015

202 Main Road, Seapoint

Sistahood, Imizamo Yethu

Robyn Borowski

Event Comments

"We had the best time. Didn't know exercising can be fun. But that day I was proven otherwise. Cannot wait for our next classes :)" - Member of "The Sistahood"

Exercising Sistahood

Sometimes the DOMINO-effect of random information is just delightful to witness!

At our very first Circle-meeting for Robyn Borowski's "Corefit Pilates @ Ikhaya Lethemba" Circle (see below), Susan from Ikhaya Lethemba mentioned their association to the girls-only Youth Group called "The Sistahood". On hearing that "The Sistahood" was struggling to provide essential hygenie products to the girls in their group, Robyn took the matter into her own hands and organised bags-full of valuable items for this group through her business Corefit Pilates (Thank you Corefit-Pilates Family - especially also the one "mystery-client who donated R1000). The visibly sheer delight of "The Sistahood's leader was priceless and somewhere along the lines a new idea was born: a possible 2nd Fitness-Circle for Robyn - with "The Sistahood".

Using Ikhaya Lethemba's transport, this lively group of girls was invited to a try-it-out Fitness session at the Corefit Pilates studio in Seapoint where Robyn exercised sisterhood by giving exercise to "the sistahood" :) What FUN we all had and how good we felt after the session! Even a girl with her arm in a plaster-of-paris joined in!

Following the success of the try-it-out session, it was decided to turn this idea into the "Excercising Sistahood" Circle, taking place once a month!

Session 1 was held at the beautiful Sea Point Promenade and was truly enjoyed by all! For additional motivation, Fitness-Protokoll-Sheets were handed out to map the groups progress. Some of Robyn's clients and friends joined the Sistahood and proved to be fantastic assistants - Thank you Evan Walther, Anthea Pokroy and Dale Furphy for making this session extra special! A big Thank you also to Keshia Lee, who took some professional photographs of the event. Have a look at our gallery below :)!

Session 2 is scheduled for Friday, 30th October 2015.

Pictures from the Circle