The children came home with the biggest smiles I have ever seen.
- Karen from Youth Empowerment Organisation

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27 April 2015

01 June 2015

Koeberg Primary

Koeberg Primary

Juliane O'Hagan

Event Comments

"Thank you for showing us what is Art :)" - Koeberg Primary Pupil
"It was amazing with Mrs Jules" - Koeberg Primary Pupil
"Painting calms me down" - Koeberg Primary Pupil
"When we had to paint I didn't want to go home that day" - Koeberg Primary Pupil
"Painting makes me happy" - Koeberg Primary Pupil
"Go Germany [Jules is German]. Peace & Love. One Nation! " - Koeberg Primary Pupil
"Thank you guys for being nice to me!" - Koeberg Primary Pupil

I am cre8ive

A little while ago we were told that non-privileged schools (have to) drop the subject "Art" before any other. Again on another occasion we heard that there are some children at Koeberg Primary who would just love to do Art. Needless to say, when our newest edition to the Sisanda Volunteering Team JULIANE (JULES) O'HAGAN came along, offering her time and expertise around "Arts & Crafts", we knew exactly whom to pair her with: Jules visited Koeberg Primary once a week to be creative with two separate classes of 10 children each (a Junior and a Senior Group).

Session 1:
The ten "Littelies" literally scratched their way right into their volunteer's heart as they eagerly started with their first project: a so-called "Scratch picture", using wax and oil crayons. The younger group could barely wait for Jules to finish her explanation and after an astonished "ohh .." (on seeing the underneath wax-colours appear through scratching the black upper oil-colour layer) there was no stopping them!
The older group in return astonished us - namely with their talent!

Session 2:
The younger group enjoyed an up-beat session creating shakers (Music and Dance here we come!) and the older group experimented with Acryl-colours (see pictures of session 1 and 2 below)

Session 3:
Masks never fail to provide entertainment! In session 3 the two groups created a "new look" for themselves - have a look at the photo's below!

Session 4:
Whilst the younger group enjoyed a beading-session, making beautiful jewelry, the older group showed off their talents drawing portraits and still-live-pictures.
The new "art-course" is now known well beyond the two groups - Juliane is being stopped in the corridor by fellow pupils who would also like to attend! Well done, Jules!

Session 5:
The activities and the children's skills seem to be getting more and more advanced: this week the little ones were engrossed in kite-making and the older group painted on textiles, using potato-print. Fantastic!

6th and last session:
Everyone loves a treasure, so the treasure-boxes Jules crafted with the younger group will surely be used! The older group enjoyed a "tea-time" of a different kind - creating pictures from loose tea and used tea bags. Sounds strange? Maybe, but the pictures looked really good (see below)!

Pictures from the Circle