There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.
- Walt Streightiff

Event details

15 May 2014

19 June 2014

Lawrence House, 25 Regent Street, Woodstock


Improv! Circle

"What a hoot the Improv! Circle is promising to be" is how we described our expectations before this Circle started. Now we would like to add 3 more words to this description: hoot, Hoot, HOOT!

Jason Delplanque, a professional actor and improvisor (as such part of the successful Comedy Troupe "The Long Shots") is the newest addition to our Circle Programme. Once a week - for a period of six consecutive weeks - he guided 12 teenagers from Lawrence House towards becoming Improvisors themselves. "What does this mean?" is a fair question to ask. Well, Jason taught this group "how to be funny on the spot", "how to express thoughts through body-language", "how to be confident enough to let go of silly inhibitions" and "how to implement the skill to improvise into other area's of life".

Within 5 minutes, Jason had his group not only listening to every word he said, but in stitches of laughter! After another 5 minutes the inhibitions went - and at the end of the Circle, the creativity of the group had come alive!

At the Improv! Circle Show on 2nd July 2014, the Youth had the opportunity to show off their newly found talents in front of our valued sponsors and supporters. The kids were in top form and provided all attendants with a big dose of laughter! We were also super-happy to have Jason's Improv-colleague and Radio presenter Pags (Sipumziwe Lucwaba) on board as he was a fantastic MC of the Event.
Andre from "The Local Grill" in Woodstock allowed us to use his function room free of charge, which just happened to be the perfect venue for this show. Big THANK YOU to Andre and all others at The Local Grill.

On a very exciting note: the Expresso Morning Show took an Interest in this Circle and filmed this Group's warm-up session to the Show. Click this link to see the clip that was aired on 7.07.2014:

You can see why we are all keen to Jason to continue one day with another Improv! Circle :)

Pictures from the Circle