There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children
- Nelson Mandela

Event details

03 November 2019

13:30 - 15:00

Rosewood Primary School Bonteheuwel

CouldC Training

Milly Rehbock

Junior JaBBers!

Wham! ***
*** Kapow!
Zap! ***

Our Junior JaBBers Boxing Circle was a Hit and Jab!

A group of 20x feisty kids (between the ages of 5 and 11) were ready to rumble on Sunday afternoon. Eagerly waiting for their boxing coaches outside Rosewood Primary School in Bonteheuwel. Three of them had taken part in a previous Sisanda Funday. They greeted us with the biggest “HELLO” and were proudly wearing their Sisanda Fundaytion T-shirt.

In August, Milly Rehbock, a devoted Sisanda Funday volunteer approached us with her wish to share her passion for the art of boxing with youth in need of some inspiration! Soon fellow-boxing partners showed an interest ("yes, volunteerism is contagious") and this day was made possible. Boxing gloves and all!

"CouldC Training and Development" came straight to mind as a beneficiary for this Sisanda Circle. They run various upliftment programmes within the Bonteheuwel community addressing gangsterism, drug abuse, poverty to name just a few.

"We are bent on bringing about positive change with the limited resources that we have. We would like to re-instill the level of pride that once were synonymous with our neighbourhood. One of our main objectives is to place positive role models in front of every kid in Bonteheuwel.". - Angelo Coetzee, CTD Founder

So in with the reinforcement:
Our boxing champs: Melissa, Dwayne, Richie, Lu, Nelson, Stu, Steph, Len, Ciara and Anita.

After a motivational introduction, the training session got going with some upbeat tunes and fun warm-ups with colourful skipping ropes.
Only a small portion of the kids’ hyper-activity was eased. They were eager to enter “the ring”. And those shiny, red boxing gloves were quite the temptation!

Before strapping on those gleaming gloves, it was time to replenish those H2O levels. Thank you for the gym bottles EvoTec Plastics and thank you volunteers for refueling us with snacks!

Under the watchful eye of their pumped volunteers the kids got to throw some punches and let off steam in a safe environment. The volunteers showed genuine interest in each one of the kids and demonstrated that boxing is all about self-discipline, self-defense, respect, focus, problem solving and polite social interaction. There was a lot of cheering and ducking and diving.

Kiddies’ quotes of the day:

"Wanneer kom hulle weer?" When will they be back?
Our response - "We hope soon!"

"Uncle, is dit ook vir meisies?" Is this for girls too?
Our response - "Yes, of course! Girls can do whatever boys can."

Milly and her team shared their boxing skills, but also shared the values this sport promotes. Amongst numerous things boxing is a healthy outlet for stress and frustration. Unfortunately vulnerable communities such as Bonteheuwel, have minimal access to activities such as boxing. Often these frustrations are then expressed in drug abuse, gangsterism and other negative behaviour patterns.

Sisanda Circles, such aim to expose children, their beneficiary organisations and their facilitators to new, dynamic and effective activities. Hopefully sparking an interest in incorporating such an activity in their youth programme. Who knows… maybe a Boxing Club will be created and sportsmen who already practice boxing in Bonteheuwel will come forward and assist?

The positive impact that the Junior Jabbers Circle had on the day was almost tangible. The volunteers engaged wholeheartedly, some of them struggling a little with their Afrikaans language skills, but this is all part of the volunteer experience and good for the vocab.

To volunteer is to step out of your comfort zone, yet having lots of fun whilst learning about different cultures, social dynamics and the harsh realities which underprivileged communities face on a daily basis.

In closing of the Sisanda Circle one of the little boxing champs gave a heart-warming thank you speech dedicated to the volunteers who now are “vriende” - friends.

Thank you volunteers for teaching us that we are all champions - no matter our circumstances. Anyone can enter the ring and win!

Angelo Coetzee and Gareth Rutter, thank you for being vital boxing participants on the day. All your positive upliftment to the Bonteheuwel community is already visible, thank you! #strongertogether

And thank you Rosewood Primary School for accommodating us in your lovely school hall.

*if you are interested in finding out more about CouldC Training (C.T.D) email

Pictures from the Circle