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Event details

18 March 2016

22 April 2016

Al Noor Orphanage Centre


Edward Tekwa

Laduma Circle

LADUMA is !Xhosa and translates into - GAMES.

Edward Tekwa is a Computer-Scientist with a passion for outdoor-games ... AND he likes volunteering for children whose life-circumstances are challenging. Combining his passion and skills, a group of children from Al Noor Orphanage Centre will be able to channel their energy into a game of soccer or netball - followed by private tuition in Maths and Science (whenever needed).

So far planned are three Saturday morning sessions for this Try-it-out Circle.

Session 1: For the first time in the "Circle-History" we didn't define a set group to be the beneficiaries of this Circle - that was because we didn't know who was interested and kept it open for all to join who would like to be a part of it. Little did we know Edward would manage to get ALL 35 children - boys and girls of all ages (5-16 years) - interested!
At the beginning of the session, all All Noor'ians had the chance to write down which games they love playing - and which games they had heard of and would like to try out. We have quite a list to "work off" now ;-)
Going with the most votes, we first engaged in a Netball game. Not having any netball hoops was not a problem. Kids are very creative and we had "Human Netball-hoops" (see pictures!). The Girls were very competitive, but finally the round was won by the "red-hatters). THANK YOU Roland for donating the 25 caps - they came in very handy! After a deserved water-break at which we were able to give all children their own water bottle (THANK YOU Evotec - the kids loved them!) it was the boys (and some girls ;-) turn to play soccer. Thankfully Al Noor, which is situated in Woodstock, has a fanatstic space to use for outdoor activities. We can't wait for session 2 - especially since Edward has such a kind and caring way to be with the children. Soft skills will, we are sure, be included on the "indirect" learning list of the children!

Session 2: Planned was a Quiz as well as a Dancing competition, but due to a different event taking place at Al Noor, food needed to be prepared - which happened Edward-style: with a looot of fun!

Watch this space for more information and photo's!

Pictures from the Circle