We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today
- Stacia Tauscher

Event details

16 June 2018

12:00 - 17:00

Zonnebloem College Esata

Zonnebloem Primary School

Wynberg Rotary

Museum Exploration with Wynberg Rotary

Museum Exploration with Wynberg Rotary
Ten wonderful volunteers from Wynberg Rotary spent the afternoon exploring Iziko Museum with 19 bright and eager girls from Zonnebloem Primary School.

The enthusiastic learners called it their own special ‘Girls Vacation’ treat from the Wynberg Rotract. The day was an incredibly special day for the Wynberg Rotract and the 19 lovely girls from Zonnebloem. Being Youth Day, it was a lovely educational, yet fun day for the children.

The day started off at Spur in Cape Town CBD, where everyone enjoyed a yummy spur meal and drink. After having lots of fun colouring in some beautiful pictures and playing at the play area, Wynberg Rotract treated the children to some sweet dessert, which was loved by everyone.

After Spur, the excited girls were off to the Isiko South African Museum, where the Wynberg Rotract prepared a scavenger hunt for them to complete. This ensured that everyone got to see everything in the large museum. It was amazing watching the young children be intrigued by everything and ask questions about everything, as well as write notes about everything they learned, so that they can teach their families and friends afterward.

This experience truly reinforced how important education and being able to learn in a language one understands is, and why Youth Day is such an important day.

Thank you to:
Spur in Cape Town CBD for the delicious food and dessert which gave the children all the energy to complete the scavenger hunt without getting hungry.

The Marcopolo Coaches for safely transporting the children to and from all the places.

Truworths for your monthly contributions and bright and beautiful t-shirts which are awesome keepsakes.

National Lottery Commission for supporting our programmes and providing beverages at today's event.
And of course, a special thank you to Wynberg Rotract for sponsoring the adventurous day!

Pictures from the Circle