Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see
- Neil Postman

Event details

26 August 2018

09:00 - 14:00



SMAK Deli Cooking Seminar

On Sunday, Katia, head chef and co-owner of SMAK Deli on Bree street put together an inspiring cooking seminar for 7 young ladies from MissWrite.

Even though the weather was chilly, the MissWrite team were welcomed into a warm kitchen, filled with delicious smells and the possibility of creating something magical together. First up was an introduction and health and safety talk, followed by some time in the kitchen! There was chopping and slicing and dicing and laughter and then some more slicing and dicing and laughter! It really was special to witness the interactions between everyone and how each person's confidence grew over the course of the day.

The MissWrite team were taught how to make bread, a delcious vegetable soup, spaghetti bolognaise (which was a firm favourite) as well as cupcakes! It was quite the feast! After the meal, the young ladies each wrote a beautiful poem to reflect on the day and what it meant to them.

Thank you to Katia for such a wonderful morning and to all our sponsors who made it possible: HCI Foundation for assisting with transport, Giselle Kroeger and Rene from Red Gallery for donating books to the young ladies and Truworths for providing our awesome Sisanda t-shirts!

Pictures from the Circle