There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children
- Nelson Mandela

Event details

08 January 2016

22 January 2016

Claremont Congregational Church and O'Brien's Recruitment


Suzanne von Klemperer and Lorna O'Brien

Event Comments

"Was a great session , so amped for this up coming week" - Activity Leader in making
"Was a blessed beginning to the new year. Proud to be part of the Sisanda foundation. The first session was Amazing! Could definitely do it again no questions asked. Big ups to Suzanne" - Activity Leader in making
"Meeting Suzanne was an honour, she is an amazing women who makes everyone feel at ease and her workshops are amazing and its kind of give us an opportunity to reflect on ourselves and life itself" - Activity Leader in making
"You [Suzanne] are a very inspirational person and helped me a lot. i got clarity on how to behave as I face many things in life." - Activity Leader in making
"Thank you for the great work you have done, and unlocking the inner me. I will never forget your teachings." - Activity Leader in making
"You gave me advice and inspired me to be the best I can be." - Activity Leader in making
"Outstanding lesson, a job well done. This is for life!" - Activity Leader in making
"[Lorna] You were amazing. I have learned a lot and will take these skills to practise. " - Activity Leader in making
"Before this session I did not know much about job-interviewing or how to make a CV, but now I have knowledge [... this] means a lot." - Activity Leader in making

The Activity Leader Circle

Sisanda FunDaytion is all about recreational events at which inspiration, education, skills and above all 'love' is being shared! In order for these events to run smoothly, we brought in our so-called "Activity Leaders" (AL's) to assist us behind the scenes. These AL's are young, energetic and simply fabulous people from the community and they truly make a difference!

Having just recruited a new Team for 2016 - the "Activity leader Circle" is here to support them - not only in training them to be the best possible at their upcoming position, but also to brush up on or learn about anything related to "work": how to write CV's and successfully go through a job interview as well as answering any questions about work etiquette. Future employment here we come!

Suzanne von Klemperer has been involved with Sisanda FunDaytion since 2013, hosting various "Soft Skills" Circles to the communities. We were very happy to welcome her back as a Circle-volunteer for yet another worthy project. We knew that Suzanne would give a fantastic presentation - but were still blown away by her holistic approach and finding the right balance between 'giving information' and 'encouraging interaction': making it the best of her Circles ever!

The third and last session was held by Lorna O'Brien from O'Brien Recruitment, which was yet another fabulous addition to our Activity Leader Circle! Each participant left with a written CV and a wealth of knowledge about CV writing and how to conduct oneself during job interviews!

Each participant also received a certificate of participation, which they may include - from now on - in their CV's.

Our first THANK YOU must go to our two amazing volunteers for sharing their time and expertise with us. Knead Bakery almost literally put the cherry on the top by donating the delicious food in form of sandwiches and sweet treats, which were very much appreciated by all! Thank you also to Truworths and the National Lottery Commission (NLC,, LOTTO FUNDED!) for their ongoing, loyal and generous support, without which our programmes would not be able to run! Lastly another thankful notion to the Claremont Congragational Church for allowing us to use their beautiful hall as the venue of this valuable workshop. Being able to hold our sessions in such a light and warm-hearted environment promised a successful outcome from the time we set foot in the hall!

The feedback we received says all about how the participants e-valued their workshop (see comments on the left). We conclude: this was only the first time, but definitely not the last time we want to see this Circle up and running!

Pictures from the Circle