Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see
- Neil Postman

Event details

26 February 2013

11:50 - 14:50

Ncedolwethu Educare Center


Ukufunda Circle

Ukufunda - "reading" in Xhosa - is the entrance into a world of exciting stories and interesting, valuable information. Once a week our lovely volunteer Nenekazi Meje entertained and supported a group of children from Mfuleni, who struggle with reading and have had very little exposure to the written wor(l)d. We managed to get some free books for this worthwhile circle from the Leap Maths & Science School and during the first session their pop-up-books on dinosaurs were are real hit!

Unfortunately Nenekazi had to move to Johannesburg, so the Circle did continue as planned. We are still looking for an interested volunteer to take over this very worthwhile and fully set up project. If you are the right person, please email

Pictures from the Circle