A child can ask questions that a wise man cannot answer
- Anonymous

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15 June 2018

28 December 2018

Corefit Centre, Seapoint

African Impact and Lawrence House

Wellness Workshops with Core Fit

Wellness Workshop #1
Often grandmothers are the ones holding families together who are affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty in SA. GAPA "Grandmothers Against Poverty and AIDS" (est. 2001) started as a self help project in Khayelitsha, offering educational and psychosocial support for the older generation.

On Friday we invited 14 of these lovely gogos (grandmothers) to an afternoon of High Tea at the Clarendon guest house, Fresnaye. Nicci our host was so kind to offer us her beautiful guest house as a venue in which we could connect and appreciate our gogos. It was an ambient afternoon with delicious cakes, sandwiches, teas and coffee and of course lively chatter and singing!

Robyn, the vivacious and warm-hearted owner of "Core Fit", introduced our gogos to her upcoming Wellness Workshops. The needs of the gogos will determine the structure of the workshops. These workshops will be focused on self-awareness and self-care. Reminding them not to forget about themselves whilst taking care of everyone else.

Later they received gift bags in which they found refreshing Bodyshop products, a beautiful Emthunzini sun-hat, a bandana and Future Life food sachets.

Then the beautiful and inspiring gogos sang us a heartfelt song before making their way back to their families in Khayelitsha.

Thank you to our dedicated sponsors: Truworths and National Lottery Commission

Wellness Workshop #2
Seven energetic young adults joined us from Lawrence House for a dance-inspired workout with the talented Jenna from Core Fit Centre.

At first, everyone was quite shy but after the first round of introductions, there was lots of laughter and excitement about the afternoon ahead. The young ladies were so engaged and learnt the dance routine in lightning speed, putting on a performance for us at the end!

After all the moving and shaking, Hilary, one of the other Core Fit instructors, treated everyone to some delicious treats - yummy!

*Due to reasons of confidentiality, no pictures can be used from this workshop

Wellness Workshop #3
What a way to start the weekend!
7 girls from Lawrence House had asked if they could receive some insight into creating a successful social media platform. Beautiful Robyn from Core Fit (always eager to do her magic and help) knew just the person: Sabrina Forbes. She owns a digital agency called MoonWrench, so we were definitely in good hands.

Excited the girls arrived with the wonderful Romina at the beautiful Core Fit Centre. Sabrina's positive and motivated energy was contagious and soon the girls warmed up to her and felt free to ask questions. She gave an inspiring talk about the art of social-media and how important it is to stay true to yourself. We sat on Core Fit's bouncy gym balls which loosened up the vibe.

To help give them direction regarding their Instagram stories,
she left them with two questions to ask someone who knew them well:

1. Please describe me in 3 words.
2. Is there something that's hard for you that I am naturally good at, if so, what is it?

Two people she mentioned to keep an eye on are @kefilwe_mabote and @candibod.

We suggest you follow Sabrina too @sabrina_forbes - she is a force to be reckoned with! Thank you for your empowering words.

After the social-media talk Robyn guided us through some of her relaxing Pilates moves. Assisting the girls by strengthening their core both physically and emotionally. Thank you Robyn, we are so grateful to have you in Sisanda's life.

Wellness Workshop #4
On Friday afternoon eight of our go-getter girls from Lawrence House arrived at Core Fit ready to fly! As this workshop included Aerial Pilates with the lovely Robyn and her wonderful colleague Marna.

Blue elastic "hammocks" which were suspended from the ceiling welcomed us into the studio. Peaceful music with sounds of nature accompanied the session. After some warm-ups the girls were floating mid-air and Marna demonstrated how to do a "handstand" without touching the floor! To our surprise eventually all the girls were conquering their fears and hanging upside down! Even Romina, their carer/Assisting Programmes Manager dared to let go!

Marna was so gentle and accompanied the cool-down session with kind, motivating words. It seemed like the blue elastic "hammocks" had transformed into sheltering cocoons. Everyone enjoyed the last five minutes of swaying freely back and forth.

Thank you Marna and thank you Robyn for the very peaceful and mindful experience.

Pictures from the Circle