Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see
- Neil Postman

Event details

19 October 2017

23 November 2017


Lawrence House

Lisa-Marie Swaine

Colour your Soul

Our vibrant and enthusiastic volunteer, Lisa-Marie, is hosting a 4-part workshop on art with children from Lawrence House. Each week is themed and will cover a different element of art, exploring ideas about self, mind and the world.

Session 1:
This session was about exploring different paint techniques, while being inspired by the sounds of nature! Each child first drew an outline with wax crayons and then painted over it with water colours. After that, they had some fun exploring textures with the sand art.

Session 2:
Upcycling at it's finest! This session saw the children use old CD's to create mesmerising dreamcatchers. Without knowing it, they were also practicing their fine-motor co-ordination by weaving the beads and wool - see, learning can be fun!

Session 3:
Each child completed their dreamcatcher in this session and there is no doubt, that their dreamcatchers will be catching sweet sweet dreams!

Session 4:
With Christmas just around the corner, it was a day of making soft and delicate cards to share with somebody special.

Session 5:
Both Lisa-Marie and the children from Lawrence House, were not ready to say goodbye to one another and so they met to create beautiful jewellery boxes to store all the special memories and things close their heart.

Session 6:
The last session for the year, was spent creating adorable little Christmas men and women, to ease into the festive spirit! Tanja Lifka, an overseas visitor spoilt the children with soft and cuddly toys as an early Christmas gift.

Thank you to Lisa-Marie for her dedication and commitment to the children at Lawrence House - magical moments and memories created!

Pictures from the Circle