There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children
- Nelson Mandela

Event details

24 July 2015

08:15 - 14:00

Claremont Congregational Church Hall

Kewtown Primary School

Herschel Girls Senior School pupils - Caring for Kids Society

Event Comments

"[This experience] made me appreciate things more and be happy (because the children were so happy)" - Herschel Girls Senior School - Volunteer
"I can't begin to describe the feeling of fulfillment one gets from this kind of work!" - Herschel Girls Senior School - Volunteer
"It was really exciting to see the kids respond so positively to the things we offered" - Herschel Girls Senior School - Volunteer
"[This day] made me realise that I can make a difference and I will do it again soon!" - Herschel Girls Senior School - Volunteer
"Yes, [this day has had an impact on me]. It taught me to be more flexible and tolerant with other people." - Herschel Girls Senior School - Volunteer
"Every hug I received from the kids counted as a favourite moment [...]" - Herschel Girls Senior School - Volunteer
"It's hard to pick just one [favourite moment] because the whole day was great!" - Herschel Girls Senior School - Volunteer
"I feel humbled and glad that I've made others happy." - Herschel Girls Senior School - Volunteer
"[...] it really seemed as though the kids were having the best day ever! [...] I think it has put them in a good mood, probably for the rest of the weekend!" - Herschel Girls Senior School - Volunteer
"[...] I have realised I can mean so much to someone by just spending a day with them!" - Herschel Girls Senior School - Volunteer

Bright Stars!

24 volunteers of the "Caring for Kids" society of Herschel Girls Senior School & Sisanda FunDaytion invited 40 children from Kewtown Primary School to spend an unforgettable morning with us - at the so-called "BRIGHT STARS" Connect Day.

Just how much everyone involved could shine was already clearly visible after our ice-breaker games and at our first big activity: creating outfits from recyclable material. The catwalk down the "aisle of participants" was for many the highlight of the day! Have a look at the photos below to see the amazing creativity and to join in the fun we had!"
At the subsequent Quiz the shining stars became sparkly on top. The atmosphere in the beautiful Claremont Congregational Church Hall was crackling with anticipation and each correct answer at the Quiz was greeted by loud laughter and lively cheering - what happy sounds they were!
A delicious Butler's Pizza lunch completed our successful morning - thank you Cape Town's No 1 pizza makers!

A very special THANK YOU also to Regero Steensma for running the Quiz activity for us (the children loved the buzzers!), to Debbie Langford from Kirstenhof Primary School, who allowed us to use her great Quiz-questions, to Golden Arrow for safely transporting the children to and from the event, to the Claremont Congregational Church for the use of their stunning hall, to Truworths for the ongoing support and the wonderful T-Shirts (the kids were overjoyed when they heard they could keep them!), to the National Lotteries Board for their generous contributions, to our amazing Sisanda-volunteer Noelene Curry for being the best assistant we could have hoped for and last but not least to the "Caring for Kids" Society of Herschel Girls' School Senior School, who not only fund raised successfully for this event, but who were also fantastic volunteers on the day. Bright stars indeed!

Pictures from the event