The prime purpose of being four is to enjoy being four - of secondary importance is to prepare for being five
- Jim Trelease

Event details

21 February 2014

08:30 - 13:45

Greenpoint Park

Sozo Foundation, Vrygrond; Vanguard Primary School

Sisanda CONNECT #1.2

Having the amazing experience of the first Connect Day, we entered Round 2 of the Interactive Connect Days feeling thoroughly prepared for the 6 volunteers from the SOZO Foundation in Vrygrond and the 6 children from Vanguard Primary School. If we had to choose one word to summarise the experience, it would be: fantastically-awesome!

The day literally started off "in style" as two shiny and sleek Black Wagon Taxi's fetched the children and volunteers from their living area's to drive them through to our venue: Greenpoint Park. ('Thank you' Black Wagon for sponsoring the super-cool travel-experience!).
After some ice-breaker games to break the initial shyness, the laughter was on when we played "Pass the Parcel - with a twist" - at which each participant had to show his/her wits, crazy-ness (in a good way), or sporty, silly or entertaining talents! We saw a little girl doing a handstand for the first time in her life (croocked, but a handstand :), literally heard a volunteer knotting his tongue trying to say a difficult tongue twister, listened to a solo-song sung until the whole group chided in and saw a little boy hopping on one leg, wiggling his bottom whilst meowing like a cat. Crazy - and sooo good for the soul!

Like the week before at Connect #1.1, we were blown away by the innovative designs the 6 teams came up with at the main activity: crafting their very own game (which the Primary School kids were allowed to take home)! If this creativity is applied when the youth enters the professional arena of life, then "world watch out" for South Africa! Have a look at the pictures below.

The teenage volunteers and children went home after a delicious lunch provided by Knead bakery, telling us how much fun was had and how much they were looking forward to their next get-together soon.

With this, let us brew up some more fun and educational activities for the Adventure Connect Days in March :)

A big THANK YOU goes to Woolworths and their 'Just because!' Team for their generous donation - making this day and 3 others possible!

Pictures from the event