There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.
- Walt Streightiff

Event details

26 September 2014

09:00 - 13:00

Bishops Diocesan College


Event Comments

"I thoroughly enjoyed watching my boys break down the barriers of age and culture and experience new things. Thank you for affording them this opportunity. Two days later they are still taking about it. " - Teacher, Koeberg Primary School
"I enjoyed being able to make a difference to somebody's day. Making someone happy is always enjoyable." - Bishops volunteer
"Volunteering was surprisingly easy." - Bishops volunteer
"It was very fun and never dull moments" - Bishops volunteer
"[This day] "made me feel better about myself"." - Bishops volunteer
"It was a happy, unique experience which I hope I get to do again." - Bishops volunteer


18 teen-age volunteers from Kidd House / Bishops Diocesan College extended their relationship with Koeberg Primary School for whom they make sandwiches on a weekly basis. This Saturday they met with 20 of their boys and spent a true fun-morning together - discovering their similarities, embracing their differences.

Upon arrival at Bishops, the boys were grouped 1:2 (one volunteer, two children) and together they played and competed in various games like Table Tennis, Snooker and Table Soccer. Two additional "Games stations" at which their wit, knowledge and bravery were challenged, completed this all-round-event.

A walk around the school (incl. an unplanned session of touch rugby) made the sponsored pizza's disappear even faster (just how much can boys eat!). A big THANK YOU to Butler's Pizza for yet another delicious lunch!

Once again we, Sisanda FunDaytion, were touched by the ability and openess of teenagers to volunteer (admittedly the Koeberg Boys made it very easy as they were such a well behaved and sweet bunch of youngsters!). We feel very privileged to ... almost literally .. see South Africa grow!

Lastly - another humangous "Thank you" to Kidd House for their generous donation, without which events like these would not be possible!

Please have a look at below photographs (and the quotes on your left) which nicely capture the magic of the day :)

Pictures from the event