After experiencing Saturday’s events it became clear that those wonderful children were teaching me life-skills too!
- Lester-Mark

Event details

16 May 2014

08:15 - 13:30

Claremont Congregational Church


CONNECT-ing Talent!

Kids are fabulous! Our 16 teenage-volunteers from Wynberg Girls/Boys High School and 28 Grade 3's and 4's from Capricorn Primary School in Vrygrond showed us how to spend a day worth living at the Sisanda FunDaytion "Connect Talent" Day on Saturday, 17th May 2014. After a couple of Ice-breaker games, some of which were planned by the volunteers, the "ice" had no chance but to melt in the immediate fun and interactive environment - the best basis for our main activity. With only 1 hour preparation time, the 8 Groups had to come up with a 1-5 minutes lasting act showing off each person's talents - and what an amazing variety we had in our talent show: some danced Waka-waka, others sang beautifully (Rhiyanna's song definitely let some shine like diamonds!) and again others acted out their very own written play! The judges, consisting of teachers from Wynberg Girls/Boys High School and Capricorn Primary School as well as Sisanda FunDaytion, had insofar an easy time as it was clear that all were winners! The handed out certificates and Smartie-medals at the following Price-giving rounded the stage-experience off and happy faces could be seen everywhere one looked!
Applause to another successful (=happy and inspirational) Connect Day!

A big THANK YOU goes to HCI / Golden Arrow for transporting the Primary School children from Vrygrond to Claremont and back, to the Claremont Congregational Church for the use of their magnificent hall and to Butler's Pizza for a delicious lunch enjoyed by all (that includes the neighbours dog :)

Below are some visual treasures of the day and

have a quick look at what the teen-volunteers had to say:

"I loved it"!

My favourite moment was "when one of my kids said 'I am so lucky to have you'".

"It was moving to connect with the children we always just hear about; how simple / easy it is to make a child happy and "how much difference a day makes" :)

"It showed me how satisfactory true service is"

"The kids were so playful; it really did make me feel warm inside how much they appreciated what they got to experience".

I most enjoyed "playing with balloons. I got to be a kid again"!

"The volunteering experience was absolutely fantastic. It was nothing I expected. It was my favourite and still is my favourite experience helping out with the kids".

"Seeing them use their creativity as well as being part of this creativity, has been such a memorable thing to never forget".

"I wished I could do it again!"

Pictures from the event