After experiencing Saturday’s events it became clear that those wonderful children were teaching me life-skills too!
- Lester-Mark

Event details

30 January 2015

08:15 - 14:15

Claremont Congregational Church

Capricorn Primary School

Junior City Council - members

Event Comments

"I was surprised to find myself uplifted by uplifting others." - JCC volunteer
"I enjoyed every moment" - JCC volunteer
"I have been inspired to pay-it-forward." - JCC volunteer
"It [participating] allowed me to be happy in the moment." - JCC volunteer
"It makes me feel good knowing I can be a positive impact." - JCC volunteer
"I learned a lot about myself." - JCC volunteer
"It [participating] has made me feel more free around people." - JCC volunteer
"They [the children] have learned a lot about the importance and usefulness of recycling." - JCC volunteer
"I should do more to improve the lives of others." - JCC volunteer
"It's not often I get the opportunity to help my community in such a meaningful way, and this one was really powerful." - JCC volunteer
"A hug at the end of the day from the child I was assigned to knocked me off my feet." - JCC volunteer
"[This experience] makes me want to do more and more and more." - JCC volunteer
"I shall sleep very well tonight [ :) ]" - JCC volunteer

The Game Is On - First Connect Day 2015

Our first Connect Day of 2015 was a huge success! Sisanda FunDaytion as well as 20 teen-aged volunteers from the Junior City Council welcomed 20 children from Capricorn Primary School to spend an eventful day with us.

On arrival, the group of 40 played a puzzle-grouping game, that saw each participant paired one on one into child-volunteer-teams. The following game "Pass-the-parcel with a twist" broke the ice - and chuckles, screeches and loud laughter could be heard from all corners of the hall (Thank you again Claremont Congregational Church for this beautiful venue!).

This Connect Day's main activity was an incredible combination of teaching creativity as well as green thinking to the children. The task of each volunteer-child team was to create games from ... basically nothing. That's of course rubbish - literally :)
We were blown away as the teams gave items we usually throw away a fun-and useful face-lift by creating their very own games with them. At the subsequent presentation everyone had a chance to show off their creation - which the children were allowed to keep and take home afterwards. Sisanda FunDaytion would like to send a big THANK YOU to all the volunteers, who came so exceptionally well prepared "to the party", having thought of a game to make beforehand and having collected the necessary recyclable items. They also did a fantastic job looking after and caring for the children and it was a pleasure to watch the teams working together. An extra-special "Thank You" to Lara Harris (and her assistant Blair Inglis) for an outstanding job as the volunteer-coordinators of this event and to our Group-leaders of the day as we couldn't have run the day half as smoothly and happy without you!).

Lunch in the form of yummy Butler's Pizzas disappeared faster than we could look - and who wanted desert had to work hard for it: it's not easy to get hold of a floating apple with your teeth only! Much faster was the last activity of the day: a "water-race" which cooled us down - even though the athmosphere was heated!

This amazing day would not have been possible without the generosity of our funders. To the Old Mutual Foundation: a big THANK YOU for your contribution - and especially for being there for us "last minute". To Golden Arrow for transporting the children safely back and forth; to Truworths for the ongoing support (and the fantastic T-Shirts which visibly define us as a group and give the feeling of "belonging"); to Wynberg Rotaract for the delicious juice and sweets and lastly to Butler's Pizza, who are now officially our food-sponsor for the Connect Programme.

One last special mention to Bianca Blair, who (aged 17) has done an outstandingly good job at photographing the event. Have a look at her visual treats below!

Pictures from the event