The prime purpose of being four is to enjoy being four - of secondary importance is to prepare for being five
- Jim Trelease

Event details

15 August 2014

08:00 - 14:00

Claremont Congregational Church


Event Comments

"The Connect Day has given me hope that there is still good in the world" - JCC Volunteer
"Helping the children fulfilled me with happiness" - JCC volunteer
"I believe they (the children) will always remember this day and that they learned something. I know I did!" - JCC Volunteer

Dance with the JCC

Sisanda FunDaytion CONNECTed with the JCC - the Junior City Council - and what a pleasure it was working with this enthusiastic bunch of active citizens. The JCC's 18 volunteers from Senior Schools all over Cape Town and Sisanda FunDaytion welcomed 32 Capricorn Primary School pupils and spent a day worth living with them.

After a couple of fun ice-breaker games, the group of 50 was divided into 4 groups who competed against each other in a Dance Competition. The five judges were faced with a difficult decision as to who was the overall winner, which group showed the most creative Dance-moves or which one came up with the best choreography. Even the price for the group displaying the best team-spirit was hard to make out as all teams worked really well together and smiles and laughter were seen and heard all around. This says it all: in the end we were all winners! The children (and their volunteers) seemed to love their smartie-medals and certificates handed out at the award ceremony.

This Connect Day would not have been possible without the generous help of our funders. Thank you to HCI and Golden Arrow for transporting the Capricorn Primary children from Vrygrond to Claremont and safely back again. A super-big Thank you also to Butler's Pizza whose 25 delicious pizza's were so appreciated that they literally vanished within minutes after the friendly Butler came to drop them off - and lastly to the Claremont Congregational Church for the use of their stunning hall which is just perfect for us.

We would also like to make a special mention to Simone and Micaela Peters (two of our most involved and special Sisanda volunteers) for giving up their free Saturday morning to assist the Sisanda Team.

Lastly: Thank you to all volunteers from the JCC for playing with and caring for the Capricorn children. You have made Cape Town a better place to live in!
To Lara Harris, our 16-year old JCC contact person and co-organiser of the event: we have thoroughly enjoyed working with you! Thank you for your perseverance to overcome the occasional hurdle without loosing sight of the really important things!

Pictures from the event