The children came home with the biggest smiles I have ever seen.
- Karen from Youth Empowerment Organisation

Event details

29 July 2016

08:00 - 14:00

Claremont Congregational Church


Caring 4 Kids - Herschel Girls Senior School

Event Comments

"It was exciting meeting new children and getting to know them. What was even more fun was seeing them happy and having fun. We enjoyed playing musical chairs; it was so much fun and lots of laughter. One word to describe the day would be “WELCOMING”" - Herschel Girls Senior School Volunteer
"It was wonderful day for me; I had so much fun with the kids. Getting to know them and interacting with them. The only challenge I had was to explain the money management to children. We had so much fun playing the bowling game, they we so energetic. One word to describe the game would be “EDUCATIONAL”" - Herschel Girls Senior School Volunteer
"For me this day was so much fun, really worth the while! Kids could not stop smiling, which made me smile even more. They were so enthusiastic too. I enjoyed the potatoes game, none of them wanted to stop playing. I enjoyed watching them play, they were so cute. One word for me to describe the day would be “INSPIRATIONAL”" - Herschel Girls Senior School Volunteer
" I was little nervous at the beginning of the day, but when the children arrived with their energy and love in their faces - that made me so comfortable and easy. I easily connected with them. I enjoyed the cup game with the kids, it was so much fun. The day on its own was organized brilliantly. Everyone knew what to do. One word for me to describe the day would be “INTERACTION” " - Herschel Girls Senior School Volunteer
"I really enjoyed this age group. They were very interactive and it was easy to get to know them. We had so much fun. I enjoyed singing and dancing outside the hall with them. We also enjoyed the ball in cup game, it was so much fun. The children learned a lot through today’s activities - and they’ll definitely know what budgeting. They can use the skill forever. One word to describe the day would be “ENJOYABLE”" - Herschel Girls Senior School Volunteer
"I enjoyed this experience. It is amazing to see what an impact you can make by so little. I enjoyed the musical statues, kids were having so much fun and we were all laughing a lot. All activities were fun; kids liked getting challenged and winning at the end. One word to describe the day would be “EXCITEMENT”" - Herschel Girls Senior School Volunteer
"I enjoyed talking to the children, it seemed like they enjoyed every moment just like me. I enjoyed dancing and singing in the circle, it made everyone to join in and the kids were laughing so much. The day was organized perfectly. I also think the working with money strategy taught them a valuable lesson to use for the rest of their lives. Seeing the children happy made me happier. One word that I use to describe the day would be “SPECIAL”" - Herschel Girls Senior School Volunteer

Fabulous Fun Fair

Games. Interaction. Inspiration. Education. All jam-packed into a 5 hour connecting-event!

24 fabulous girls of Herschel Girls School (or more precisely: of their self-motivated society Caring 4 Kids) made many worthwhile memories with (and most importantly: for) 40 children from the Amy Biehl Foundation!

On this beautiful, sunny winter-day, we took the opportunity to have fun AND relay a skill to the little ones: namely teaching them about budgeting. During 8 exciting games (Bowling, Musical chairs, Who am I, Toss balls ... to name but a few), the children and their caring teenaged volunteers earned Funny Money, allowing them to buy sweets and treats! Since nothing on the day was free of charge (well, at least this is what we made believe;-) we added a session of learning about budgeting - nicely disguised in a pass-the-parcel game! We bet the children didn't even realise they learned "a hell of a good" life lesson :-)
When the Butler from Butler's Pizza delivered our lunch, the group was in high spirits after a successful day together. Every group was able "to pay", and from the looks on the children's faces, it seems this made the pizza-slices taste extra-yummy! The fabulous bottles from Evotec, sold at 3 Funny Money, made sure no juice was spilled and the thirst quenched!

What an amazing day with such caring volunteers - well done, Herschel Girls!

Without our loyal and fabulous funders, a day like this could not take place! Thank you to the HCI Foundation for transporting the children safely from Gugulethu / Bonteheuwel to Claremont and back, to the Claremont Congregational Church for the free-of-charge use of their hall, to Truworths for the ongoing & generous support and the colourful T-Shirts (the children love them!) to the National Lottery Commission (Lotto funded!) for their generous contributions and of course to Butler's Pizza and Evotec for making lunch so delicious and special!

Last but definitely not least: thank you to our wonderful Activity Leaders Thuli and Babs for being great support on the day, to Simone Peters who is volunteering so regularly (and lovingly) at Sisanda FunDaytion, she already belongs to "the team" and very lastly - yet definitely not leastly - to Noelene and Emma Jane Curry for - what can we say: everything!

More pictures as well as comments of volunteers are to follow - so watch this space!

Pictures from the event