I have so many amazing memories of the day (that I will cherish)!
- Robyn Watters (volunteer)

Event details

15 May 2015

08:15 - 14:00

Claremont Congregational Church Hall

Lourier Primary School

Wynberg Boys & Girls Senior School pupils

Event Comments

"It was a good experience giving the kids a memorable day and as it was my first time, I learned new things, too" - WBHS volunteer
"It was extremely fun" - WGHS volunteer
"It was amazing seeing the enjoyment on their [the children's] faces!" - WBHS volunteer
"[My favourite moment of the day was, when] a boy said that I'm now his brother and when he gave me a hug." - WBHS volunteer
"The children opened my eyes to see greater things in the world" - WGHS volunteer
"[I] had such a laugh, my stomach was sore with laughter!" - WGHS volunteer
"I learned that volunteering is such a special thing to do. It really makes you feel so good." - WGHS volunteer
"I always leave a Connect Day feeling as though I have made a difference in the lives of the kids" - WGHS volunteer
"I would definitely do it again!" - WBHS volunteer

FUNtastic You & Me

Our programme "Sisanda Connect", now almost 1.5 years "old", set out to focus on Interaction between High School and Primary School learners - within a fun-environment and the aim of bringing everyone together. The FUNtastic You & Me Connect Day, held on 16th May 2015 went back to these basics - and what an unforgettable day we had! 20 volunteers from Wynberg Boys and Girls High School(s) and 33 adorable Grade 4's and 5's from Lourier Primary School in Cafda Village enjoyed a fast-paced day playing a competitive round of puzzles, tossed balls for points, fished apples from a bowl of water (no hands allowed!), played Dodgeball & Skittles & Rats'n Rabbits, excelled at a "fitness-class", created their very own ball-in-cup game and used their wits in the game "who am I". A yummy pizza-lunch completed the wonderful morning before a fiercely fought for water-race concluded the day.
Thank you to all our volunteers who really showed how much they cared and whose leadership made the day so very special! Thank you also to the little ones for being so well behaved, enthusiastic and easily loveable :)

A big THANK YOU also goes to all our funders without whom our programmes wouldn't be possible - to Pep Stores for their generous donation towards the "Connect" programme, to Golden Arrow for safely transporting the children to and from the event, to Truworths for the ongoing support and the wonderful T-Shirts, to NLB for their generous contributions, to Claremont Congregational Church for the use of the magnificent venue and to Butler's Pizza for the droolicious lunch!

Pictures from the event