Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see
- Neil Postman

Event details

13 May 2016

08:00 - 14:00

Claremont Congregational Church

Lourier Primary


Event Comments

"I feel like, however small, I have made someone's life better!" - WBHS Volunteer
"I think today was a lerarning curve for me. I enjoyed interacting with the children and learnt sharing and love from them." - WGHS Volunteer
"[This day had an impact on me, because] I have seen how easy it is to change someone's day." - WGHS Volunteer
"[Which activity did you enjoy the most?]. All. The children made it amazing!" - WBHS Volunteer
"Yes, [this day has had an impact on me]. It made me tolerate them [children in general] more [Hahaha!]" - WBHS Volunteer
"It [the Connect Day] taught them [the childen] the value of money and how to budget." - WBHS Volunteer
"I found the whole experience one that I will never forget." - WGHS Volunteer
"One of the boys in our group had Pizza for the first time and he described it as "the best thing he has ever had in his life"!" - WGHS Volunteer
"This was my 3rd Connect Day and honestly it only gets better." - WGHS Volunteer
"Yes, [this day has had an impact on me]. I saw how caring people can be to one another." - WBHS Volunteer
"I think it [the day] will give them [the children] joy in the short run & hope in the long run. It will be a wonderful memory." - WBHS Volunteer
"It was very enjoyable. I wish I could do this every weekend!" - WGHS Volunteer
"Volunteering always makes me feel whole." - WGHS Volunteer

Market Day

We love combining education with fun! 27 boys and girls from Wynberg Girls and Boys High School assisted us in doing precisely that for 40 children from Lourier Primary School - making our Market Day a roaring success!

Budgeting correctly is a valuable life lesson and we were thrilled to see that all children caught on to the concept. At our Market Day, the children and their volunteers rotated through 8 exciting games - Musical Chairs, Fun Races, Bowling, Puzzles, Toss Ball, Fishing Game and Olaf pin the carrot - and they built their very own ball-in-cup game and decorated material for bandanas-to-be. At each of the activities Funny Money could be earned and won - which was needed as nothing on the day was for free - not even Lunch! A slice of delicious Butler's Pizza cost FM3 and a drink (including the fabulous Evotec Bottle) went for FM3 as well - this is aside from the many sweets and treats that could be "purchased". Our Sisanda Tuck Shop was open from about 10am, but none of the kids spent Funny Money before the necessary amount for Lunch was safely tucked away for later. Thumbs up, Lourier Primary children!

Our group of volunteers was fabulous to say the least. From the first to the last moment everyone was caring for the chidlren and engaged in the activities of the day. A massive Thank You to WGHS and WBHS volunteers for giving their time and love!

Our events couldn't take place without our generous supporters: THANK YOU Claremont Congregational Church for the use of your beautiful hall, to Golden Arrow / HCI Foundation for safely transporting the children to and from the venue, to the National Lottery Board (Lotto funded!) for their continuous contributions, to Truworths for the brilliant T-Shirts and general support, to Butler's Pizza for yet another droolicious lunch, to Evotec for the useful and fabulous drinking bottles and to WGHS and WBHS for the donations of sweets and treats!

On a last note we would like to highlight the difference our regular (adult) volunteers and Activity Leaders make to our Connect Days: they are the supporting structure and thus the backbone of the day! Thank you Noelene and EmJ Curry, Simone and Mikaela Peters, Athini Kenke, Stella Menda and Gcobani Dyanti. You make our day - extra-special!

Pictures from the event