I have so many amazing memories of the day (that I will cherish)!
- Robyn Watters (volunteer)

Event details

16 September 2016

08:00 - 14:00

Cape Town Science Centre

Koeberg Primary School

Bishops Diocesan College - Kidd House

Event Comments

"Really enjoyed connecting with the kids" - Bishops Kidd House Volunteer
"[It] gives you a good feeling after giving back." - Bishops Kidd House Volunteer
"[The activity I enoyed most, was the] singing on the bus :-)" - Accompanying parent
"[It] felt good to be part of giving joy." - Accompanying parent
"I loved making new friends!" - Bishops Kidd House Volunteer
"[Hurra!] I made them [the kids] smile!" - Bishops Kidd House Volunteer
"It was amazing and [I] loved every moment of it." - Bishops Kidd House Volunteer
"I found it very fun and the children were very kind and grateful." - Bishops Kidd House Volunteer
"It really made me happy being with them [the children]." - Bishops Kidd House Volunteer
"It's given them [the children] a brief view on Science and maybe inspired them to become a scientist." - Bishops Kidd House Volunteer
"For some, I heard them [the children] say it was the best day of their life." - Bishops Kidd House Volunteer

No KIDDing - Science is Fun

Having mixed 19 volunteers from Kidd House (Bishops Diocesan College) with 32 Grade 4 children from Koeberg Primary School for a Connect Day at the Cape Town Science Centre, we can report back: it's a winning recipe!

After briefing our volunteers for the day, a friendly Golden Arrow Bus Driver took us to Koeberg Primary, where a couple of Fun Ice-breakers did exactly what they were meant to do. Our group arrived at the Science Centre in an excited mood - and this didn't change throughout all the offered activities on the day: there were smiles during our workshop on Energy and Sound (at which each child made their own little music instrument from straws), there were many giggles and a lot of excitement whilst exploring all the astonishing exhibits (which culminated in hilarious laughter and surprised ohhhh's and ahhhh's at our very own Science Show.
A delicious Pizza-lunch completed our day before we had to say good bye to our new friends.

We would like to say THANK YOU to our caring volunteers from Kidd House, to the super-well-behaved 32 children whose enthusiasm made our day, to the loyal (and new) Sisanda FunDaytion volunteers and Activityleaders, to the Kidd House Family who raised funds on 2 occasions this year, the Science Centre for sharing their amazing venue and activites with us, to the HCI Foundation for the friendly, save and hassle-free transport, to Truworths for the fabulously colourful T-Shirts, which unite us throughout the day, to Butler's Pizza for a droolicious lunch (the kids loved the pizza!) and last but not least to the Rohrer Family who donated (without being asked!) 60 delicious muffins and refreshing drinks for our group. To all of you: thank you for your puzzle-piece to this successful event!

Pictures from the event