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Event details

29 November 2015

08:00 - 13:30

Lourier Primary School

Lourier Primary

Bishops Diocesan Senior School pupils - Kidd House

Paint'n Play - Paint Day

Sisanda FunDaytion teamed up with 16 Grade 11 boys from Kidd House / Bishops Diocesan College to give Lourier Primary's Sports- and Game facilities a FUN face-lift!

The biggest of the 5 painting projects we underwent was doubtless the re-painting of their netball court. The existing lines had faded away due to sunlight and good use and we are happy to report that Lourier Primary can again be a host for inter-school netball competitions in 2016!

We also painted a couple of Hand-tennis courts, a Snake &Ladder Game, a Twister Game and two Hopscotch Games - all of which have been welcomed by the many children of Lourier Primary school! Especially the Twister Game stole the show as the children had never played this game before. The teachers weren't any less impressed and are thinking of using Twister as part of their School-Sports Programme!

As it was an incredibly hot day, I would like to send an extra-special THANK YOU to the amazing Kidd House Boys, who braved the sun (and the sun-burn) as well as all the little mishaps related to the heat (like melting paint-tubs leaving gigantic paint-splashes where they didn't belong ... like next to the netball court line or on our shoes!). Well done! You were amazing volunteers!

Special mention must also go to Graeme Klerk, the Housemaster of Kidd House at Bishops, who made the funds available for this Paint Day! Thank you also to Builder's Warehouse / Access Park for the generous discount! We are looking forward to possibly collaborating more often :)

Just how valuable this contribution was to Lourier Primary School could be witnessed on the following day, as all of us went back to play the games we had painted - together with one of Lourier Primary's Grade 2 class. Please click on the entry "Paint'n Play - PLAY DAY to see (and read about) the amazing fun we had together ...

Pictures from the event