We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today
- Stacia Tauscher

Event details

03 February 2017

14:35 - 17:35

Claremont Congregational Church


Prefects of WGHS

Event Comments

"It was such a love-filled day [...] the volunteers came with their hearts wide open!" - Sisanda Volunteer
"I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity. The most personal character developing day ever experienced!" - WGHS Volunteer
"The [Sisanda] staff were incredible. [They] really put their heart and soul into the day." - WGHS Volunteer OH YEAH :-)
"Yes [this day has had an impact on me, it] showed me the emotional strength of [the] children and the purity in their hearts. They are role models!" - WGHS Volunteer
"Yes [this day has had an impact on me, it] has made me realise [...] how much I should appreciate my life!" - WGHS Volunteer
"They [the children] are so sweet and cute and love hugs which is just amazing. I'm touched." - WGHS Volunteer
"There wasn't one part [of the day] that was my favourite. I enjoyed every minute of it." - WGHS Volunteer
"They came here as strangers but before they left they were so close to us!" - WGHS Volunteer
"The games connected us, bonded us in a way I never imagined." - WGHS Volunteer
"I have realised on this day that community service does so much to one's soul." - WGHS Volunteer
"[To the question: Did you experience any challenges on the day, the answer was Yes] SAYING GOOD BYE!" - WGHS Volunteer

PEPpiness all around!

What a PEPpy start to 2017: the first Connect Day of this year couldn't have been more beautiful!
The "Dream Team", consisting of 17 passionate Prefects of Wynberg Girls' High School, 10 dedicated Sisanda-volunteers and of course the FunDaytion itself invited 32 Grade 3's of Capricorn Primary School - and made sure the children were busy & happy & loved throughout the fun-packed day! After some welcoming ice-breakers, the participants rotated through 8 activities of games and crafts. We played Musical Chairs, crafted bracelets and cards, played Bowling and Limbo ('how low can you go”) , chuckled at Charades, crafted a ball-in-cup toy, raced each other in “Water races” - and then of course we made MILLIONS (see child's letter written after the day :-)!!! Alright, it was Minions (Finger puppets), but we did make Millions of smiles :-)

A big THANK YOU to the “Funder of the day” PEP Stores - who ensured this day could be organised in the first place, to Truworths Head Office In Cape Town for the ever-so-bright and colourful T-Shirts, to the HCI Foundation for the safe and reliable transport, to Butler's Pizza for a mouth-watering delicious lunch, to the aunt of one of the volunteers who made super-deicious cupcakes for dessert, to Robyn for the donation of beautiful beads, to Evotec for the generous contribution of re-useable water bottles and last but not least to all the amazing participants of the day. Thank you all for this memorable day!

To complete your view of this event, please also read through the comments section to the left - and have a look at the colourful photo's below :-)

PS: We always love watching the development on the day. Have a look at the 6 last Before/After pictures, taken before (or on) arrival of the children and after (at) the departure of the children. You will see the group of Teen-volunteers at the briefing in the morning (sitting up straight) and then after the day at the de-briefing "lying there "flattened" :-)
You will also see the slightly awkward - and still all separate - moment when the group of children first meet their volunteers - and then, after a couple of hours. they have become best friends. Awwww!

PEPpiness all around!

Pictures from the event