The children came home with the biggest smiles I have ever seen.
- Karen from Youth Empowerment Organisation

Event details

19 February 2016

08:00 - 14:00

Claremont Congregational Church


Wynberg Girls High School

Event Comments

"Loved it, it was both inspiring, moving and fun." - Wynberg Girls High School - Prefect
"Normally kids make me uncomfortable, but working with this bunch was amazing." - Wynberg Girls High School - Prefect
"It's always good to experience a day out where I can give back with just my presence." - Wynberg Girls High School - Prefect
"One of the girls was rather shy, but over time she came out of her shell. I just constantly asked her stuff to make sure she knew I had noticed her." - Wynberg Girls High School - Prefect
"Often children from poor areas dont get to " - Wynberg Girls High School - Prefect
"[When asked if there was a favourite moment, the answer was] " - Wynberg Girls High School - Prefect
"[When asked if there was a favourite moment, the answer was] " - Wynberg Girls High School - Prefect
"My favourite moment was seeing all the kids develop a bond with the different volunteers." - Wynberg Girls High School - Prefect
"[My favourite moment of the day was ..] seeing how truly gateful these kids were simply for our attention." - Wynberg Girls High School - Prefect
"I hope that they [the children] [...] felt loved and special" - Wynberg Girls High School - Prefect
"I realised not only money can make a difference in someone's life. Showing care can be all they need." - Wynberg Girls High School - Prefect
"It was amazing to see how much love and affection all the children had, it was infectious." - Wynberg Girls High School - Prefect
"I [...] feel a huge connection to the kids and they made an impact on me." - Wynberg Girls High School - Prefect
"We asked the volunteers to describe the Connect Day with one word - here are their answers: moving - life-changing - awakening - joyful - inspiring - amazing - memorable - brilliant - fun - and heart-warming ;-)" - All volunteers

Giggling with Prefects

The fabulous 17 prefects of Wynberg Girls High School and Sisanda FunDaytion teamed up to give 35 children from Capricorn Primary a connecting platform to giggle & laugh!

The good mood was palpable from the first moment as the children walked into the beautiful hall of the Claremont Congregational Church - and were welcomed by singing volunteers, holding up their hands to form a 'happy tunnel' to walk through. What a special moment which set the caring tone of the day! Throughout our icebreaker-games and the main activities of the day, laughter and giggles could be heard in all corners of the hall: whilst playing memory-games, catching sweets and playing pass-the-parcel, during dress-up time, rehearsal time and of course during show-time! Each child-volunteer team had the task to make the audience laugh - and that they did (sometimes even unintentionally :-). It was very heartwarming to see how some of the shy children overcame their inhibitions and dared to express themselves on the "frightening stage". A safe platform to learn that "magic happens outside one's comfort zone'!

A delicious lunch sponsored by Cape Town's #1 pizza-makers - Butler's Pizza - completed the experience of a truly successful morning.

Thank you to PEP Stores for making this happy day possible - and of course to our regular and generous supporters HCI / Golden Arrow, Truworths, Butler's Pizza and the National Lottery Commission (Lotto funded!).
A big Thank You also to the Claremont Congregational Church for allowing us to use their beautiful hall as the venue for this Connect Day, to Noelene and Emma Curry who willingly gave up their Saturday morning to sprinkle their kindness and talent onto this day (Emma, aged 14 was our amazing photographer of the day, see her pictures below) and to our two new Activity Leaders Aaqeela Smith and Yusuf Damon, who started their work with Sisanda FunDaytion on a very good note!

Just how special a Connect Day turns out to be depends to a large degree on the participants of the day. Capricorn Primary children and Wynberg Girls: you blew us away! Thank you for welcoming the opportunity and running with it to the end of the rainbow!

Pictures from the event