There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.
- Walt Streightiff

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27 November 2016

28 November 2016



Event Comments

"It was an enjoyable experience, a bit of a shock to see how destitute some parts of the school were. It also felt good to get involved with the kids." - Kidd House / Bishops Grade 11 Volunteer
"I felt like I made some of the kid's days just a little better." - Kidd House / Bishops Grade 11 Volunteer
"It was lots of fun and I really enjoyed helping out the school." - Kidd House / Bishops Grade 11 Volunteer
"It [the volunteering experience] was a fulfilling feeling." - Kidd House / Bishops Grade 11 Volunteer
"The new classroom [will most benefit the children]. Giving the children a new and fun environment to learn in and the new blackboard." - Kidd House / Bishops Grade 11 Volunteer
"It was amazing, really eye-opening and an experience worth it." - Kidd House / Bishops Grade 11 Volunteer
"The work load was huge, but we pushed through!" - Kidd House / Bishops Grade 11 Volunteer
"[The most special moment was when ...] I piggy-backed the kids around and [had] a great time with them." - Kidd House / Bishops Grade 11 Volunteer
"[The two days ...] made me feel grateful and want to help more." - Kidd House / Bishops Grade 11 Volunteer

Science, Art & Us

Lourier Primary had an old and tired looking room, but no Science & Art facility. Sisanda had 20 teenage boys from Kidd House / Bishops available & ready to volunteers their time for 2 days. The perfect match for a room-make-over!

On Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th of November we sanded (and then varnished) old desks, painted the room a happy almond-white (and other colours), created some artwork with the children to make the walls look even happier and fulfilled Lourier Primary's pupils their wish of having their very own blackboard to write on (we ended up liking the little blackboard so much we even painted two of them!).

We used the break-time to "make our project real", meaning we played with the many lovely children of Lourier Primary for whom the room was renovated. Soccer, Yard-Twister, Hopscotch as well as Hand-tennis and Snakes & Ladders. Judging from the amount of smiles that lit the two mornings: the volunteering boys enjoyed their time playing with the children as much as the little ones themselves!

A big THANK YOU to Kidd House for covering all the costs of DIY material - and also generally to Bishops College (especially to Sean Heuvel) who donated paint and wood-varnish and assisted in much needed DIY advice. We were also very impressed with the housemaster's (and house-lady's!) active participation: Graeme Klerck and Alex van Selm: you get an A plus from us!
Another A must be given to Maria Greco, our Italian volunteer who spent two of her five days in Cape Town volunteering with us. Thank you, Maria!
To our regular supporters Truworths, Spur and HCI Foundation: you receive an A plus for all four terms of 2016! Without your assistance, Sisanda FunDaytion would not be able to run all these valuable projects and events! Thank you!

Please have a look below at the before & after pictures (and of course at the road in-between) . We couldn't resist including a couple of pictures of Lourier Primary's End-of-year assembly (Grade 1-3), which was held outside in the courtyard and entertained us so beautifully during our work!

On the left are some interesting comments made by the volunteering boys, so have a look there, too.

The new Art & Science room would look perfect were we able to fix the floor as well - so should you, dear reader, feel that you would like to assist finishing this project (physically or financially), don't hesitate and write to us (

Pictures from the event