Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see
- Neil Postman

Event details

18 September 2015

08:30 - 14:30

Cape Town Science Centre

Koeberg Primary

Bishops Diocesan Senior School pupils - Kidd House

Event Comments

"It was a greatly rewarding process, watching the children warm up to you." - Bishops KIDD House volunteer
"It went better than I expected especially since we did fun things and the kids were so happy." - Bishops KIDD House volunteer
"It was really fun, and it was cool to step out of my comfort zone." - Bishops KIDD House volunteer
"[My favourite moment of the day was} when the child I was with gave me a hug." - Bishops KIDD House volunteer
"I think [this day] encourages them to take Science [at school]." - Bishops KIDD House volunteer
"[This day] was an eye-opener!" - Bishops KIDD House volunteer
"[This experience] encouraged me to do more community work." - Bishops KIDD House volunteer
"The whole day was perfect!" - Exchange student from Berlin, Germany
"[Volunteering with Sisanda FunDaytion] made me understand how wonderful the feeling of giving back actually is!" - Bishops KIDD House volunteer
"The Bishops Boys did an excellent job. The kids really enjoyed being with them and lasting impressions were made." - Teacher, Koeberg Primary

Science KIDDs

We believe in giving back. Literally!
The two generous donations we received from Kidd House of Bishops Diocesan College were most meaningfully used as we invited 17 of their pupils to be the volunteers for our "Science KIDDs" Connect Day. In March 2015 we took the first half of Koeberg Primary Grade 4's to the Cape Town Science Centre and were now able to take the 2nd half of this grade to this amazing, educational and FUN venue!

The Bishops Kidd House boys were fantastic volunteers from the word "go", playing with the children during the Ice-breaker games, assisting them at their workshop on electricity, explaining the science behind each exhibit on the Science Centre floor, cheering them on to win at the competitive games we prepared during this free exploration time, accompanying them to the brilliant Science Show (thank you, Cape Town Science Centre) and simply being there and caring for the little ones whenever anything was needed. Seeing the look on the faces of the children at the end of the day confirmed that our mission was accomplished: happiness and inspiration all around!

Thank you to Golden Arrow for safely transporting our group of 56 to and from the various schools to the Science Centre, to Truworths for the continuous support and the "uniting" T-Shirts (people are starting to recognise us everywhere!), to the National Lottery Board for their generous contributions, to Butler's Pizza for yet another deliiiicious pizza-lunch, to our lovely Kidd House volunteers and the clever&cute children from Koeberg Primary, to our wonderfully involved Sisanda volunteers Simone and Micaela and our guest-volunteers Jane, Luise and Emily. Lastly a big THANK YOU to the Rohrer Family who (without having been asked, which makes it doubly-special!) donated over 50 muffins and juices, which were truly enjoyed by all!

Have a look at the pictures below and the comments section on the left to join into our experience!

Pictures from the event