After experiencing Saturday’s events it became clear that those wonderful children were teaching me life-skills too!
- Lester-Mark

Event details

13 October 2017

08:00 - 13:30

Cape Town Science Centre

Marsh Memorial

Bishops Diocesan College

Science Exploration

20 students from Bishops Diocesan College volunteered their time on Saturday 14th October at our Sisanda Connect programme, with 30 children from Marsh Memorial Homes. With over R4,000 raised by students from Kidd House at Bishops, we were able to take the group out for a day of exploration at the Cape Town Science Centre.

Cobwebs were certainly blown away on Saturday morning with an extremely windy start to the day in Rondebosch, where we met all our young volunteers for a briefing and explanation of the workshops available to the group at the Science Centre. Breakfast was delivered by Wendy and her husband Stefan, little goodie bags with a muffin and juice were very kindly donated to ensure all our children and volunteers had some energy to start an exciting day. Thank you so much Wendy & Stefan for sponsoring breakfast for our Connect day.

Once the volunteers were ready and raring to go, the children arrived to meet us on the Golden Arrow bus driven by a dear friend of Sisanda, Peter! The children were waving and smiling like crazy at their new friends for the day – and so was Peter. We decided to pair the volunteers up with their allocated children whilst on the bus as it was a little wet and windy to do this outside. All the children were so excited to meet their buddies for the day, within minutes we had a young girl aged 8 styling her buddy, Tom’s hair in little ponytails! With buddies connected, hair restyled, breakfast served & rules agreed, we set off on our road trip to the Cape Town Science Centre in Observatory.

Upon arrival at the Science Centre, our 4 wonderful facilitators met us at the door and helped us split the group into 2 for our morning of workshops. We were so very well looked after by our facilitators, who very enthusiastically delivered and supported the workshop activities which included: building a wall, exploring the science floor, learning about recycling, making bird feeders, a video viewing in their inflatable planetarium and finally a whole group workshop in the auditorium for the science show! Making the bird feeders was made extra special by having an actual bird flying through the roof of the classroom, searching for sticks to rebuild his/her nest!

There was so much to see, do and explore at the science centre, the children were quite overwhelmed and their excitement levels only seemed to increase throughout the course of the day. This was very similar to our adult volunteers and activity leaders, who were also spotted building walls, playing giant chess and learning about sound waves! Our volunteers were such incredible role models for the children, connecting with them through play, laughter and piggybacks!

As always, come 12h30 the group was getting hungry and ready for some delicious food to refuel and enjoy around the table together. Our wonderful Butler arrived bang on time to deliver our pizzas for lunch, thank you so much to Butlers Pizza for sponsoring our Connect programme. Mealtimes are extremely important to Sisanda and we always want to ensure that the children we work with have been fed, watered and can go home with a full tummy. This would not have been possible without your support, so thank you.

After lunch we were extremely lucky to have a very rare treat, dessert! Thank you to The Spur Foundation for donating some cheesecakes for the group to enjoy; they were a wonderful treat to end our Connect day!

Thank you to the HCI Foundation for sponsoring our transport with Golden Arrow, you enable us to access the children and bring them out of their communities to enjoy our Connect events at various venues throughout Cape Town.

Thank you to Bishops Diocesan College for connecting with Sisanda and fundraising for our Bishops Connect Day. Thank you to our 20 extremely enthusiastic and engaging volunteers who connected beautifully with the children and provided them with support and friendship for the day.

Thank you to Truworths for sponsoring our Sisanda t-shirts, when we have an outing in a public place it's so important for us to be able to clearly identify our group. This is made so much easier with the beautifully bright t-shirts provided by Truworths, which the children were very excited about!

Thank you to our Activity Leaders: Babs, Thuli & Bonga, along with our volunteers Noelene & Em-J for your constant support at our Connect events; we couldn’t do it without your time, energy and enthusiasm.

Finally, thank you to the Cape Town Science Centre for hosting our Connect day and working closely with the team to plan and deliver a wonderful day full of exploration and special memories.

Sisanda’s Youth Connect programme aims to connect young volunteers from local high schools with beneficiary children from junior schools in underprivileged communities. We deliver our programme by working closely with a group of young volunteers to plan, fundraise and deliver a mini FunDay.

Pictures from the event