We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today
- Stacia Tauscher

Event details

27 March 2015

08:15 - 14:30

Cape Town Science Center


SOZO Foundation members

Event Comments

"I already love "my children" now!" - SOZO volunteer as she steps out of the bus at the beginning of the day.
"What an awesome day! Usually we mentor the youth, now they are mentoring children. That's so nice to see!" - Care Worker, SOZO Foundation
"The kids loved the day and I had parents phone me to say that their children can't stop talking about the day." - Teacher, Koeberg Primary

Science with PEP

The most exciting phrase to hear in Science [...] is not "Eureka!" but "That's funny ..."! - Isaac Asimov -

Science is magic - not boring at all - but sometimes it's easy to forget when we are surrounded by theory only. Koeberg Primary knows that, and wished for their learners to visit the Science Center in Cape Town (something they have wanted to do for a while, but lacked the funds). Through a generous donation from PEP stores to Sisanda FunDaytion, we were not only able to literally pep up Koeberg Primary's Science-teaching-methods for a day, but were also able to invite teenagers from the SOZO Foundation in Vrygrond as volunteers and group-leaders for our Connect Day!

On Saturday, 28th March 2015, our group of 55 (16 teenage-volunteers, 32 children as well as 8 accompanying volunteer-adults) spent a memorable and truly educational day at the Cape Town Science Center. The Ice-breakers at the beginning of the day melted the group quickly into one, preparing us for a Fun Day ahead together.
Once we arrived at the Science Center, the teams thoroughly enjoyed their free "exploration time" of the many astonishing exhibits on the floor as well as the four competitive activities we set up for them to show off their skills.
After a delicious lunch in the form of Butler's Pizza's, we visited the so-called Camera Obscura, a clever mechanical (not electrical!) invention which allows to "secretly inspect" the outside surrounding from a darkened room inside the Science Center. Fascinating!
The day was rounded off by a very informative and interactive Science Show. We were impressed how keen "our children" attended and how eager they were to absorb new information.

Looking at the facial expressions of all participants, the most exciting phrase in Science, being "That's funny", was clearly visible throughout the day! Have a look at the pictures below and join into the excitement and fun we had!

Our programmes couldn't run without our amazing supporters: a big THANK YOU to PEP STORES for the generous donation, making the day possible in the first place, to Golden Arrow for again safely transporting everyone to and from the event, to Truworths for the beautiful T-Shirts uniting us visibly (and of course their generous general support), to Butler's Pizza, our official Connect Food sponsor, for yet another truly delicious lunch, to the greater Corefit Pilates Family for the donation of the many yummy Easter Eggs, to the ever so valuable NLDTF for their continuous and generous support, to the adult-volunteers for assisting in the smooth running of the day, to the teenage- volunteers from the SOZO Foundation for looking after and caring for the little children, to the Koeberg Primary children for being so sweet, clever and well behaved and lastly to the Cape Town Science Center for their amazing venue and assistance in making this day as special as it turned out to be.

After a day like this it was easy to come away thinking like a proton: Always positive"!

Pictures from the event