The prime purpose of being four is to enjoy being four - of secondary importance is to prepare for being five
- Jim Trelease

Event details

14 February 2014

09:00 - 13:30

Greenpoint Park

Vanguard Primary School; Good Hope Seminary Girls High School

Sisanda CONNECT #1.1

Sisanda CONNECT - our newest programme - has arrived at Cape Town Schools ... whizzing some rainbow-magic straight into the pupil's hearts!

Teenagers are definitely not too young to volunteer! Aiming at connecting young people of all backgrounds, the Connect Programme is all about Interaction between Senior School pupils guiding, leading and caring for Primary School aged children - and this is exactly what happened: six teenager volunteers and 6 Grade 4 children played and inspired each other throughout the day and worked beautifully together in the "Create your own game" project - the main activity. The teams were so innovatively crafting their very own game (using recyclable materials) and presented their creation so well it in front of all, that it was easy to decide which team won which price. Congratulations to all Connect Participants!

The last activity of the Connect Day (held whilst we all enjoyed the super-yummy sandwiches Knead bakery had sponsored) was very touching - even to those only watching :) Having made a heart out of fingerprints on a special paper, the teams wrote little Good-bye messages to each other underneath this heart. One volunteer wrote to "her child":

"Spending the day with you has been one of the most blessed days of my life - I enjoyed being your partner for the day. You are a super-kid and great company. Thank you for making this day so special"!

In return this volunteer received the message:
"I had a wonderful time with you today. I wished I could stay with you. But I have to go home".

Remarkably the youngest Connect-Child of this day wrote to her volunteer (in connection to their vivid chats throughout the day):
"I enjoy the time because when we closed our mouth, it's like we hungry".

We are so happy that this little one can chitter-chatter again with her volunteer at their second outing together in March :)

To be continued ...

A super-special "Thank You" goes to Woolworths whose donation through the Just because! Project is funding the first four Connect events!

Pictures from the event