There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.
- Walt Streightiff

Event details

31 October 2014

08:15 - 14:00

Claremont Congregational Church


Event Comments

"It was a newish thing to me [to volunteer] yet a lot easier than I expected" - Herschel C4K Volunteer
"I realised we are [all] pretty much the same" - Herschel C4K Volunteer
"Seeing smiles on their [the kids] faces gave me a great feeling inside." - Herschel C4K Volunteer
"[My favourite moment of the day was] when a girl said to me she wanted to stay here forever and not go home." - Herschel C4K Volunteer
"It was a humbling experience and just put me in a good general mood :)" - Herschel C4K Volunteer
"When the kids were leaving it really showed how grateful they were which I enjoyed, because I know we have made a difference." - Herschel C4K Volunteer
"[When asked to describe the day in one word, the volunteers replied] Fantastic, connective, amazing, rewarding, impactual, joyous, enjoyable, significant, enriching, incredible, inspiring, inclusive and ineffable." - Thank you girls :)

Story-time with C4K

C4K - or Caring for Kids - is a self-motivated society at Herschel Girls Senior School who - together with Sisanda FunDaytion - invited 32 girls of Koeberg Primary School for a wonderful morning bursting with a variety of activities!

After a couple of energizing ice-breakers, the participants entered into a main-activity which challenged everyone's creativity and drama-skills. Having been grouped into 4 Teams, they were given the beginning of a story which each team had a chance to turn into their very own tale - only to be acted out on stage afterwards.
The judging panel (consisting of Koeberg Primary's Principal, a Grade 6 teacher and a parent of the school as well as Reverend Michael Craig of Claremont Congregational Church (whose beautiful hall we were able to use - Thank you!) and 2 members of the Sisanda FunDaytion Team) were blown away by the talent the four groups displayed: their theatrical acts were cleverly thought through, the costumes chosen well and their drama-queen-like performances top notch! Even those (very few) girls who opted not to have a speaking role made us laugh out loud: the costumes of the two "pot-plants" were hilarious (two green Hawaiian skirts pulled over their faces - the best looking pot-plants ever)! Please have a look at some of our photo's below :)

Witnessing children achieve is wonderful, but even better was to see how the 48 girls connected with and cared for each other. Thank you to all participants for putting a smile on our faces - for being there, for engaging, being open, positive and warmheartingly caring. Mpwah!

Our day ended with a yummy lunch provided by Butler's Pizza whom we would like to thank yet again for their ongoing support of pizza's with the x-factor!

A humongous Thank you also to Truworths for their continuing support, be that to overall costs or for the colourful splashes their T-Shirts add to our events - and to HCI for safely transporting all "our children" back and forth. Often a bus-ride is already a highlight for the kids and this time the children all clapped and applauded when they were being dropped off again at Koeberg Primary School :)

Lastly: a Big Thank you to our co-hosts Nandi Mponda and Rachel Searle, who not only helped to plan and organise the day with us, but who also successfully fund-raised for this event. You and your lovely group of C4K members were treasured volunteers and we will have you anytime again!

Pictures from the event