Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see
- Neil Postman

Event details

10 March 2018

08:00 - 13:00

Wynberg Girls High School

Ukhanyo Primary School, Masiphumelele

Wynberg Girls School Council

Wynberg Beach Games!

Wynberg School Beach Games!

28 learners from Wynberg Girls High School and Wynberg Boys High School participated in our Sisanda Youth Connect programme on the 10th of March. They spent their Saturday morning with 39 Grade three and four children from the lovely Ukhanyo Primary School in Masiphumelele.

Four of the WGHS School Council members had spent the past month planning a beach themed activity day which took place at the Wynberg Junior School. The WGJS kindly provided us with their beautiful school hall.

The children’s faces lit up as they entered the premises that was beautifully decorated by the volunteers in the Moana animation theme. The children were gleaming with excitement whilst our vibrant Activity Leaders Gcobani & Bonga led them through a "Welcoming Tunnel" into the hall. The children then received their breakfast and their bright and colourful Sisanda t-shirts.

With the support of our wonderful Sisanda Team, we paired each volunteer with two children for the day, then grouped everyone into four teams. Once the teams were formed, the groups were directed by the well organised WGHS Council Members to each of the four stations. The different activities involved a scavenger hunt, a fishing game, beach games and a Tiki Café. At this café the kids could decorate cupcakes and make fruit skewers. A Sweet Stall was also created where they could exchange their “fun-money” which they won at the games for sweets.

Having the various stations allowed for the children to interact differently with their volunteers. This allowed for diverse interaction and a dynamic environment. Some activities were more active while others were more intimate and required more concentration, like the Tiki Bar station.
This allowed the volunteers to engage in conversations with the children and learn more about their backgrounds. The Wynberg School learners found themselves seeing the world from a different perspective.
As one of them mentioned: “It was a life changing experience – learning first hand about the realities of growing up in a location has really opened my eyes.”

Towards the end of the day, the WGHS and WBHS volunteers taught the children to do the Hakka and a Hula dance in connection with the Moana theme, which they loved!
The children from Masiphumelele in return presented their own traditional dance.

A truly special moment of the day was the prize giving organised by the Interact committee. With the funds raised earlier that week, we were able to provide each child with a fantastic goodie bag filled with a skipping rope, tennis ball and various other treats.

Each volunteer took some time throughout the day to write a special card for their allocated children and read it out to the group. They then presented their children with a goodie bag. This part of the day gave each child the chance to shine and be celebrated for who they are. Everyone listened beautifully and the kids were eagerly awaiting their turn!

When we thought the day couldn’t get any better, it was time for lunch where a huge pile of pizzas arrived from Panarotti’s. After such a busy morning, we certainly needed some time to regroup and refuel. A huge thank you to NLC! The Spur Foundation for sponsoring our lunch – specifically to the Panarotti’s Kenilworth for donating 15 Monster pizzas - we needed that extra boost of energy to finish the day and send the children home with a full tummy.

A big thank you to the HCI Foundation for sponsoring our transport with Golden Arrow, you enable us to transport the children safely from A to B. This allows them to have new positive experiences.

A heartfelt thank you to the WGJS for providing us with a safe & secure space. And the WGHS Council Committee for raisings funds to contribute to the smooth running of the day.

Thank you to Truworths for sponsoring our colourful and bright Sisanda T-shirts, the children absolutely loved them! They were so excited when they were told that they could take them home.

Finally, a huge thank you to all the volunteers from Wynberg Girls & Wynberg Boys High Schools! Thank you for giving us your time to volunteer and work with our wonderful beneficiary children.

The smiles, laughter and energy thrived throughout the day and made it such a special time for everyone involved.

Pictures from the event