We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today
- Stacia Tauscher

Event details

09 March 2019

09:00 - 13:00

Wynberg Girls High School

Capricorn Primary School

Wynberg Olympics

Sisanda’s Youth Connect programme aims to connect young volunteers from local high schools with beneficiary children from junior schools in underprivileged communities. We deliver our programme by working closely with a group of young volunteers to plan, fundraise and deliver a mini fun day out.

6 Students from the Interact Committee at Wynberg Girls High School spent over 4 hours of planning sessions, working with the Sisanda team to design an Olympic themed Connect day for their beneficiary group.

We were extremely excited to welcome 38 Grade 3 learners from Capricorn Primary School on Saturday 9th March, to work with 31 young volunteers at Wynberg Girls High School. Our volunteers were not only coming along to work with the children but assisted with setting up the activity spaces, leading and instructing the various activities, setting up each space with sound systems and technical support as well as offering first aid assistance.

The children’s faces were full of smiles and excitement when they arrived at the School hall; marching through the entrance with our Sisanda Activity Leaders Noelene & Moeheen! The volunteers created a welcoming tunnel for everyone to walk under before being paired up with two children each as buddies. The whole group was then split into 3 teams for the day where they had to create a team song and dance to share with the group! We then started the Connect day celebrations with a fun dance warm up…all the children, volunteers and teachers gathered round to get moving to ‘Follow the Leader’ with lots of energy and laughter.

Our theme for the Connect day was the Olympics as the planning team wanted to focus on dreams, ambitions and sports for the children to enjoy. Activities included netball, football and a creative writing session where the children were encouraged to write a short story based on dreams and design a front cover for their mini book. Once they had written their stories, they could decorate some cookies with icing to take home and enjoy as a treat. Each child could earn funny money throughout their participation in each of the activities, which they could then spend at the sweet stall during the breaks. This was an additional activity for them as they learnt about budgeting and could practice their arithmetic. Throughout each activity the children were able to develop their gross and fine motor skills, numeracy and literacy, all within a fun, learning through play environment.

Having different activity spaces around the School provided a variety of different atmospheres for the children, which in turn gave everyone a chance to shine and enjoy playing with their buddies. There was such focus with the netball and a real feeling of being part of a team, whereas the football area was packed full of energy and competition. The creative area was very calm and created a space that the children could sit down, think and come up with ideas for their story with support from their volunteer.

A truly special moment in the day was the prize giving. With funds raised earlier in the week by the Interact Committee, we were able to provide each child with a fantastic goodie bag filled with a tennis ball, colouring book and crayons. Each volunteer took some time throughout the day to write a special card for their allocated children and were asked to come up and read it out to the group on stage, they then presented their children with a goodie bag. This part of the day gave each child the chance to shine and be celebrated for who they are and what they have to offer, everyone listened beautifully and were eagerly awaiting their turn!

When we thought the day couldn’t get any better, it was time for lunch where a huge pile of pizzas arrived from Panarotti’s in Kenilworth, Sponsored by the Spur Foundations Full Tummy Fund. After such a busy morning, we certainly needed some time to regroup and refuel. A huge thank you to The Spur Foundation for sponsoring our lunch, we needed that extra boost of energy to finish the day and send the children home with a full, happy tummy.

Thank you to the HCI Foundation for sponsoring our transport with Golden Arrow, you enable us to access the children and bring them out of their communities to enjoy our Connect events at various locations.

Thank you to Wynberg Girls High School for providing us with a safe & secure space to work in and to the Interact Committee for raising over R500 in their cake sale to contribute towards the goodie bag treats.

Thank you to Truworths for sponsoring our fun and bright Sisanda t-shirts, the children absolutely loved them and had such excitement when they were told they could take them home to remember their special day.

Thank you to Noelene, Moeheen, Bonga & Thoko for your ongoing support at our Connect events, we couldn’t do it without your time and energy. We always need some additional adult volunteers to support the children throughout the day and you were all brilliant.

Finally, a huge thank you to all the volunteers from Wynberg Girls & Wynberg Boys High Schools for giving up their time to volunteer and work with our beneficiary children. The smiles, laughter and energy thrived throughout the day and made it such a special time for everyone involved.

Pictures from the event