There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children
- Nelson Mandela

Event details

22 September 2017

08:15 - 15:30

V&A Waterfront

SA Kinderhuis

Art Attack!

On Saturday 23rd September, we had an incredible FunDay for 22 children and 4 carers from SA Children’s Home & Lawrence House. 15 fantastic volunteers, 5 of whom were experiencing their first ever FunDay, joined us on our day around Cape Town.

With an absolutely beautiful day ahead of us, we met our volunteers and activity leaders in Claremont before heading into town to collect the children.
Our first stop for the day was a bright and sunny Green Point Park, packed full of families, dog walkers and children happily playing. We joined in the fun and had some time exploring the gardens before enjoying the swings, slides and climbing frames in the play area. 3 girls from our group took to the stage and performed their favourite song by Jessie J with a growing crowd of passers-by. The girls had such beautiful voices although weren’t expecting an audience!

After burning off a lot of energy, we headed to Santa Ana Spur at the V&A Waterfront with our red faces and grumbling tummies! Neil and his extremely friendly team welcomed us with open arms to enjoy a delicious, nutritious lunch. We had such excellent service from Patience and Honest, who took very good care of us and kept us on time for our next activity.

Art Jamming was the final instalment of our FunDay, offering us the freedom to get creative in a safe, accessible space with a plethora of paints and art materials. Zelda and her team gave us a wonderful demonstration of what could be created, before assigning each child to their own canvas and easel. We were so impressed by the patience and care taken in creating their artwork and then such pride in the finished pieces, which they could take home and enjoy.

There were so many highlights of the day, but for some of the children the excitement of going on a bus was certainly up there. Art Jamming was a really special session for the group, having the time and freedom to create something they loved really reflected in their behaviour, attitude and most notably in their smiling, happy faces!

Thank you to all our sponsors for making our Art Attack FunDay happen:
• The Spur Foundation for our delicious meals
• Truworths for our bright and colourful t-shirts
• HCI Foundation for our transport – allowing us physical access to the children

We couldn’t deliver such exciting FunDays without our Volunteers and Activity Leaders, thank you for taking time out of your weekend to give back and create special memories with special children.

Pictures from the day