The prime purpose of being four is to enjoy being four - of secondary importance is to prepare for being five
- Jim Trelease

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24 March 2017

24 March 2017

Muizenberg Beach

Lourier Primary School

Beach Boogey with CatrobatKidz!

On Saturday, we woke up to the wind howling on one one side of Cape Town, with the other side wondering what we were talking about! It was a tussle between sticking to the beach or heading to the Aquarium. In the end, the excitement of a day out at the beach won hands down. So, off we went, all aboard the Golden Arrow Bus to meet our wonderful sponsors from CatrobatKidz, Melody and Sally - thank you for giving us such a boogeylicious day!

We were joined by 22 learners between the ages of 9-11 years from Lourier Primary School in Cafda Village. Each learner brought excitement and smiles and once they were paired up with their volunteer, the chattering only intensified!

We were met at Muizenberg Beach with the most glorious day - sun shining, minimal wind and a seal waving to us from the sea. In no time, the children were running down to the sea with volunteers in tow, ducking and diving and having a whale of a time! And when everyone was starting to turn in to human icicles, it was time to play beach bat, build sand castles and create the prettiest human mermaids one ever did see! The only thing that could possibly make our group look more glamorous, was the beautiful sun hats from Emthunzini Hats - thank you for the amazing donation and protecting our children from the sun!

As always, no Fun Day is complete without a trip to the Spur to enjoy a delicious meal! Thank you to Gerald and his team from Little Creek Spur for accommodating our group and turning the Spur into a balloon paradise. One of our children was celebrating his birthday and as soon as the staff heard about that, there was a huge cheer and he received a special Spur Birthday song (with ice cream and sparkler included).

Thank you to all our volunteers for making this day memorable - your commitment, engagement and enthusiasm on the day is what puts a smile on the children's face.

A special thank you to all our sponsors: HCI Foundation, Truworths and The Spur Foundation for your continued support.

Pictures from the day