Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see
- Neil Postman

Event details

10 November 2017

08:00 - 15:30

Blue Train Park


O'Brien Recruitment

All Aboard!

On Saturday 11th November, we had an incredible FunDay for 41 children aged 6-9 years old and 2 carers from Yabonga, a centre for children with HIV/AIDS. 16 fantastic volunteers from our FunDay sponsors O’Brien recruitment; along with 5 Sisanda volunteers joined us for our FunDay at The Blue Train Park in Mouille Point.

With the sun shining down on us in Claremont, we met with the volunteers ready to welcome the children from Khayelitsha off the Golden Arrow bus. We paired the children up with their allocated buddy for the day and set off on our mini adventure to The Blue Train Park.

Typical Cape Town weather meant that we travelled through the seasons and ended up in a very chilly and misty scene in Mouille Point. This did not dampen the groups spirits and with a little bit of singing, some incredible dancing and some laugh out loud group games, we got to know each other better before heading into the park for playtime.

The Blue Train Park was an absolutely perfect location for Sisanda, offering us an allocated party area and countless activities for the children to explore and play on with their buddies and friends. The group were quite overwhelmed when we arrived, running from the train, to the football pitch, to the climbing wall! Some children I don’t think left the train at all – they loved driving round the play area, waving, singing and laughing. Excitement went into overdrive when some of the children discovered the zip line! We added a little sparkle to the day by inviting the incredibly talented Jasmine to join the team and dazzle us all with her face painting skills.

With a little time to spare before we climbed aboard the Golden Arrow bus, the group had some quiet time with their buddies to make their very own pirate hats…such a simple craft activity that they can do again at home with family and friends. With a few perfectionists in the group, we desperately tried to make sure the hats held their shape in the wind, even if it was just for the group photo!!

Our final pit stop for the day was at the fantastic Santa Ana Spur in the V&A Waterfront. We absolutely love visiting Neil, Paul and the team for our lunch as we’re always made to feel so welcome. Once the children were seated they busied themselves with their Spur colouring sheets whilst the team started serving our super sized group of 70!!! Feeding the children with a nutritious meal and sending them home with a full tummy is an extremely important part of the Sisanda FunDay, so thank you to the Spur Foundation for your ongoing support.

On reflection, there were so many special moments throughout the day that will personally bring a smile to my face, and help us all at Sisanda to continue to recreate such special experiences, for as many children as possible throughout Cape Town. As always, our FunDay provided a fantastic opportunity for the volunteers to support and interact with the children. Being able to share smiles and moments of pure happiness is a real gift for both the children and the volunteers alike, providing them both with warm memories to treasure.

Our November ‘All Aboard’ FunDay was sponsored by O’Brien Recruitment, thank you so much for your generosity and allowing us to put on such a fantastic FunDay for the Children from Yabonga.

Thank you to our regular FunDay sponsors for your continued support…
• The Spur Foundation for providing us with delicious food in a welcoming and child friendly space to refuel and ensure the children have had a warm meal in their day
• The HCI Foundation for providing us with transport to access the children and our chosen activities throughout Cape Town
• Truworths for providing us with our beautifully bright and colourful t-shirts, making us stand out from the crowd and allowing us to safely identify the group at all times

O’Brien Recruitment not only sponsored the FunDay, but also provided us with 16 fantastic volunteers to support the children and make the day possible.

A huge thank you also goes out to Josh Botha for being our photographer and capturing such special memories of the group – you can see more of his photographs on our facebook page.

Thank you also to our energised Activity Leaders, Bonga & Stella for supporting the Sisanda team and assisting the whole group with some language barriers – Bongas translations were priceless.

Pictures from the day