After experiencing Saturday’s events it became clear that those wonderful children were teaching me life-skills too!
- Lester-Mark

Event details

27 May 2018

11:00 - 16:00

Bounce World


Boing Boing!

On Sunday the 27th of May, we shared a very special Fun Day at Bounce World with 36 children aged between 5-13 years old and two beautiful carers from Ncedolwethu Educare in Mfuleni. This event was made possible by the extraordinary and caring Catrobatkidz programme.

Every Fun Day starts with the arrival of our trusty Golden Arrow bus, manned by our favourite driver, Peter. Once we had welcomed our volunteers, we discussed the various roles and responsibilities for the day ahead and set off for the Educare. All our volunteers received colourful Sisanda t-shirts, sponsored by Truworths, to bring a splash of colour into the day.

While the bus was travelling to the Educare, our Sisanda Superstars, Lisa-Marie and Bonga met the children. They provided each child with a wholesome breakfast and in no time the children were already “bouncing” around on their chairs with great anticipation for the day’s event! To make the start of this day even cozier, The Spur Foundation sponsored us with warm long sleeve tops to keep the children warm through winter. The children received them with big smiles and wore them proudly. Some of the quotes printed are: “Shine like a star.” “Yes I can.” “I am unique.” What inspiring words of encouragement to carry the children through.

By the time the volunteers arrived, the children were fed, dressed and sitting in little rows waiting to sing nursery rhymes for everyone – what a sweet sight it was! Nicolene, the Educare’s manager, gave us an insightful welcome speech and their friendly guard dog was at her side wagging his tail. We then paired up our volunteers with two children each so their experience could be more personal and a trusting relationship could be established.

After the pairing up we all climbed onto our Golden Arrow bus and made our way to the Utah Spur in Sable Square for lunch. Our kids enjoyed the ride as they got to see new environments and have time to get to know their volunteers. The Spur team welcomed us with friendly faces and we received great service, as always! And the burgers! It goes without saying that they are always delicious and nutritious! What a wonderful feeling to have a full tummy - “A moment in my tummy, a lifetime in my heart.” The colouring-in crayons, balloons and the play area make it even more fun and special. A big THANK YOU to the Spur Foundation and the Utah Spur in Sable Square for their continued support. As their motto states: “Nourish. Nurture. Now!”

Now with tummies full and energy levels high, it was onto Bounce World! Carol and her enthusiastic team welcomed us at Bounce World and we enjoyed exclusive access to the venue for the whole afternoon. The colourful jumping areas were beyond the children’s imagination! Never mind the liberating feeling of jumping as high as you can! Thank You to Bounce World for the fun-filled and unique bounce adventure.

Our dedicated volunteers followed the little ones everywhere and ensured that they were safe at all times. This is why we assured them that they would enjoy a good night’s rest after the Fun Day. We are so humbled and thankful for our Sisanda volunteers who give us their time and positive energy. Their valuable interaction with the children is always evident. Thanks to them our children had the most colourful, fun and fulfilling experience. The children from Ncedolwethu Educare centre are so adorable and so well behaved which made the day so much more enjoyable for everyone. This is a reflection of the great work and the big difference the carers make to their little lives. One can sense that the children are feeling loved and cared for.

A very big THANK YOU to Catrobatkidz for making this day a reality and allowing us to uplift and motivate our children to “learn by moving”. It was lovely to meet everyone and we truly admire the brilliant work you do.

Thank you to the HCI Foundation and Golden Arrow as you continuously provide us with safe transport to and from our events. We also would like to acknowledge Truworths for their bright Sisanda t-shirts, which keep the group together and easly identifiable.

Last, but not least thank you to the National Lottery Fund, without your assistance these events would not be possible.

Pictures from the day