The prime purpose of being four is to enjoy being four - of secondary importance is to prepare for being five
- Jim Trelease

Event details

10 December 2017

08:00 - 14:00

Bounce World



On Monday 11th December, we had an incredible FunDay for 30 children aged 5-9 years old and 2 carers from Ncedolwethu Educare in Mflueni. 7 fantastic volunteers from The BodyShop; along with 5 Sisanda volunteers joined us for our FunDay at Bounce World.

Once we had collected our volunteers in Claremont, we headed off on our travels to Mfuleni to meet our Activity Leaders Lisa-Marie & Bonga, who were already at Ncedolwethu registering the children and organising breakfast for them.

After navigating some rather narrow roads in the bus, we arrived outside Ncedolwethu, welcomed by their security dog and 30 extremely excited little faces, smiling and waving at us!

At Sisanda, we like to pair our volunteers up with 2 allocated children for the day to allow them to connect, providing the children with a rare opportunity for some 1:1 time with a positive role model. Our volunteers are therefore given a clear role for the FunDay; supervising, playing and building relationships with their children.

Bounce World was our next destination, giving some of the children their first experience on a bus and outside of the township community. Although traffic did delay us slightly, we got to Montague Gardens safe and sound with anticipation and excitement building! We were given an extremely warm welcome from the team at Bounce World who allowed us exclusive access to the venue for the whole morning…the bright colours, sounds and range of enormous inflatables was quite overwhelming for some of the group. Once the rules were given for the day, the children went running off into the play areas to explore – with volunteers chasing hot on their tails!

With children racing their volunteers down the various slides, climbing the high walls and carers jumping on the bouncy castles, we were inundated with smiles, laughter and happiness. After an energetic morning of play we gathered the 42 red, hot and sweaty faces back onto the bus for our next destination….lunch!

Rodeo Spur in Claremont is always a favourite of Sisanda’s due to the friendly staff, fantastic service and fun that they bring to our visit. Once the group had woken up – yes the majority fell asleep on the bus, volunteers included – the staff at Spur handed out some lovely colouring pages for the children to start on before their lunch arrived. Feeding the children with a hot nutritious meal and sending them home with a full tummy is an extremely important part of the Sisanda FunDay, so thank you to the Spur Foundation for your ongoing support.
Once we were packed up and ready to leave, the Rodeo Spur team got everyone up dancing round the restaurant, the children absolutely loved this!! What a way to say goodbye!

The children from Ncedolwethu Educare centre have been through an extremely difficult time recently following the passing of their centre founder and manager, Florence. Our FunDay was even more important to the children, giving them some time to get away from the centre, laugh together and have fun. The attitude of the children, their manners and general behaviour was impeccable for the day, making it even more enjoyable for the volunteers and supporting staff.

What a way to end the year!

Our December ‘BOUNCE! FunDay was supported by The Body Shop South Africa, thank you so much for your support both in and out of your stores and allowing your staff to escape the office during your busiest time of the year to volunteer on our FunDay.

A huge thank you goes out to Bounce World for very generously giving us free, exclusive access to play for the morning. The facilities were brilliant, staff friendly and inflatables bouncy! We had so much fun!

Thank you to our regular FunDay sponsors for your continued support…
• The Spur Foundation for providing us with delicious food in a welcoming and child friendly space to refuel and ensure the children have had a warm meal in their day
• Truworths for providing us with our beautifully bright and colourful t-shirts, making us stand out from the crowd and allowing us to safely identify the group at all times

Thank you to Josh Botha for being our photographer and capturing such special memories of the group – you can see more of his photographs on our facebook page.

Thank you also to our energised Activity Leaders, Bonga & Lisa-Marie for supporting the Sisanda team and assisting the whole group with some language barriers – Bongas translations were priceless as always!

Pictures from the day