After experiencing Saturday’s events it became clear that those wonderful children were teaching me life-skills too!
- Lester-Mark

Event details

27 July 2012

09:00 - 16:00

Aquarium and Green Point Park


Celebrating Madiba's Birthday with Woolworths

On our second Fun Day to celebrate Nelson Mandela's 94th birthday we were blessed with good weather! The 47 young children from Mfuleni's Ncedolwethu Educare Centre met with volunteers from Woolworths and were cuddled up in a rainbow of fleece jumpers donated by the WW team. They set off for the Aquarium as a group, and even though they didn't speak the same language they communicated their excitement with the universal language of smiles.  At the Aquarium the children explored the touch pool, the tank of clown fish, watched a puppet show and generally had a great time with their volunteers. After a picnic lunch in the beautiful Green Point Park they played on the jungle gyms and did a Zakiya dance workshop learning some hip hop and modern fusion moves. Florence, Ncedolwethu's fonder, was so moved by the Madiba celebrations and the children sang Happy Birthday  so beautifully.  A big Thank you to Woolworths for funding such a wonderful Fun Day- Much fun was had by adults and children alike.