There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children
- Nelson Mandela

Event details

21 April 2017

21 April 2017

Green Point Park

Nomhle Educare Center, New Rest

Easter Egg-stravaganza

What a day we had on Saturday – I think we all need the public holiday this week to recharge our batteries after an incredibly fun and energetic day!

We were fortunate to have beautiful weather greet us on the weekend to take 30 learners from New Rest Educare Center in Gugulethu, down to Green Point Park. On our arrival, the park was already full with the happiness of families playing, having picnics and enjoying the beautiful nature of the park. After we set up, the children were ready to go out on their Easter Egg hunt! Our competitive volunteers got a little over egg-cited and were caught racing each other across the park, desperately looking for the final clue to earn their chocolate treats! After we enjoyed all the chocolate rewards, we had an egg and spoon race and what a sight it was! Never have we seen children run so fast with the volunteers cheering them on and laughing on the sidelines. Thank you again to Robyn and her clients at CoreFit Centre who donated all the chocolate eggs and treats for the day.

But the fun never stopped there. Throughout the morning the children were keeping an eye out on the play parks, so of course, it was time for everyone to run around some more! Up the slides, down the slides, swinging and climbing. It was a memorable moment watching our volunteer Naazly, laughing and running after her 2 children who were desperate to find the next free swing!

As always, no Fun Day is complete without a trip to the Spur to enjoy a delicious meal! Thank you so much to Neil and his team at Santa Ana Spur for accommodating our group and making the smiles on our faces even bigger! The hand puppets you arranged for us were such a surprise and made the fun at Spur last all the way home on the bus.
Thank you to Golden Arrow bus for making this day geographically possible by picking us all up and taking us on our adventure. Our super friendly bus driver, Peter made the trip even more enjoyable with his huge smile.

A HUGE thank you to our volunteers for making this day so memorable - your commitment, engagement and enthusiasm on the day is what puts a smile on the children's faces. At Sisanda, volunteers are a key part of our day as we are able to take large groups of children to different areas around the Cape and ensure they’re supervised, safe and cared for. We were totally spoilt on Saturday with 18 highly energised volunteers. These volunteers not only supervised the children, but formed positive relationships with them through play, laughter and fun!

A special thank you to all our sponsors: HCI Foundation, Truworths and The Spur Foundation for your continued support.

Pictures from the day