I have so many amazing memories of the day (that I will cherish)!
- Robyn Watters (volunteer)

Event details

20 April 2012

09:00 - 16:00

Sarah Fox Convalescent Hospital Silvertown

Sarah Fox Convalescent Hospital and St Joseph's Hospital

Fabulous Fun Fair

This event took place on Saturday the 21st of April, 2012. This was a very special day as we spent the day with 23 babies and 27 children from Sarah Fox along with 21 children from St Joseph's Hospital at the Sarah Fox Convalescent Hospital. The kids from the hospital are recovering from illnesses, and have been referred down from hospitals like Red Cross. They are improving, but not yet well enough to return home. They are from troubled communities, they are ill, and some of them have been hospitalized for quite some time. They are starved of visitors for a number of reasons, and this day was something really special for them. We brought the fun to them!

For the day, we organized a Sisanda Fun Day Fun Fair. The children rotated through activity stands including ball games, co-ordination games, face painting, balloon animals, arts and crafts, jumping castle and dress-up. A special visitor, Soaring Eagle from Spur, came to join us and brought the children some Spur goodies. Afterwards we ate a delicious Spur lunch followed by decorating cupcakes from Gimmecupcakes and then the children watched a  puppet show by Carlo called Punch and Judy and were given some bubbles to play with.

Pictures from the day