We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today
- Stacia Tauscher

Event details

30 June 2018

08:00 - 15:00



Fishalicious Fun!

On Saturday the 30th of June, we went searching for Nemo at the Two Ocean’s Aquarium and explored a whole new world with 36 children (between the ages of 5 and 11 years old) from Etafeni Educare Centre, Nyanga. This was both an educational and fun experience and this is what our Fun Days are all about! With the guidance of our caring volunteers the children learn through making new experiences.

The volunteers for this Fun Day were all wonderful employees from Truworths. Truworths is one of our generous sponsors, who have become part of the Sisanda family. We truly appreciate all your support.

Early that Saturday morning Peter, our one-of-a-kind Golden Arrow bus driver, collected the volunteers in Claremont, en route to Nyanga. The startling reality of an impoverished environment for many of our volunteers, becomes the backdrop to our Fun Days. This allows for better understanding and two contrasting socio-economic lifestyles are experienced.

In the mean time the children at the Etafeni Centre were getting ready to embark on their under-the-sea adventure. Whilst the kids were having breakfast they tried to teach Sisanda team members some Xhosa words such as “Intlanzi” (meaning: fish). They then received brightly coloured “Sisanda” t-shirts. These are continuously and very generously sponsored to us by “Truworths”. Adding colour to the grey Winter’s day.

Phumeza and Nomaphele welcomed the volunteers with open arms and shared insightful information about the centre. Their work is admirable and inspiring. http://www.etafeni.org

Before climbing onto the bus the children made sure their water bottles were filled and packed into their new sling bags.

The vibrant volunteers were paired up with the kids, which enables them to make a more personal connection with each other. Also ensuring that a closer eye is kept on their whereabouts whilst their curiosity drives them into different directions.

After arriving at the Two Oceans Aquarium the kids together with their fun volunteers disappeared into the “depths of the ocean”. They spent the morning exploring and learning. Often one could see volunteers reading information to them and pointing out the various marine life. The kids loved the educational games and the daunting shark tank of course. A few of the volunteers held their little hands reassuringly. Their discoveries included sting rays, turtles, frogs, ragged tooth sharks, eels etc… Did you know that the Galjoen is SA’s national fish? And that the male sea horses carry the female’s eggs in his pouch!

Quite an appetite was worked up! With a spring in their step the children walked side by side with their volunteers to the “Spur” V&A. Those burgers were delicious and the staff was amazing as always! Thank you for filling our bellies with love and nourishment!

A beautiful anecdote of the day was a thoughtful thank you letter written for the lovely volunteers by the beautiful kids.

Thank you “Truworths” and your amazing staff. What a difference a day makes!

Also a big thank you to HCI and Golden Arrow who are always at our side.
“NLC” – many thanks for your support - we really appreciate it.

Last, but not least thank you to The Two Oceans Aquarium – what a world of wonder and a place of sanctuary!

Pictures from the day