There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million.
- Walt Streightiff

Event details

12 September 2014

12 September 2014

Ocean View Sports centre

Orphancare Foundation

Footy Fever

We had a great day out on Saturday the 13th September, the weather was perfect for a Footy/Sports day and 37 young and excited boys from Orphancare Foundation in Westlake Village met us at the local community church early on Saturday morning for a full day of activities. As sport is important for health and wellbeing, team sports provide children with important lessons on personal values which helps them feel less isolated. We headed over Ou Kaapse Weg towards a sports and recreational hall in Ocean View, it was overwhelming to see how these boys who live at the bottom of the pass had never seen the beautiful views driving over Ou Kaapse Weg and were completely mesmerized by what they saw.

Once we got to the venue we played some fun team building games and energizers which was followed by a very exciting magic show thanks to Jacques Le Sueur. To get the boys into the sporting mood we had some fitness instructors from Takedown Martial Arts and Fitness Academy come to the venue and do some fitness and self-defence with the boys. After a busy morning we headed to the Michigan Spur in Long Beach Mall for some food. After lunch we headed back to Ocean View and finished with a Football tournament. I think all the boys were exhausted from the day and headed off with big smiles back to their community in West Lake.

Thank you to NPS for making the day happen and to the NPS volunteers for giving their time on Saturday, we could not have done it without you. Also thank you to those who kindly donated towards the day, WP Rugby for the banners, Waldorf Constantia for spots equipment, Motorite and Drip Drop for the water bottles, Chana Lesch for your kind cash donation, Rockets for the sporting goods, Sporting chance for the soccer nets.

And a big thank you to our main sponsors who we are so proud to partner with and are so grateful for all their support, HCI for the transport, Spur Foundation for the lunches and Truworths for all the bright t-shirts. We could not do these days without you.

Pictures from the day