The children came home with the biggest smiles I have ever seen.
- Karen from Youth Empowerment Organisation

Event details

27 October 2018

10:55 - 13:55

Atlantic Seaboard

Bruce Ottery Community Centre

Sisanda volunteers

hApPy PiXeLs! #snap!

Lights…camera… Funday!

30 wonderful children from the Ottery Bruce Community Centre in Lotus River joined us for a day of "photo-fun"!
These camera-savvy children attended 7 weeks of Photography Classes. They independently decided to commit themselves to the course offered every Wednesday afternoon of the week. This is an effective and fun way to keep kids off the streets.

Sisanda volunteer and professional videographer Luke van Rensburg not only gave them his expertise, but his time and shared his passion. "Audio Lens" V&A Waterfront kindly sponsored 30 disposable cameras for the day. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
After weeks of training the dedicated teens could put their skills to the test.

Early morning Peter our famous bus-driver collected the kids from the Ottery Bruce Community Centre. They were waiting eagerly. Apparently the centre's security guard had to send some of the early birds home as they were an hour early! The photo-journey began with the big, reliable Golden Arrow Bus being the first of many photos taken.

Together with the energetic "English One" volunteers we took some snapshots of the stadium. We then explored the visual delights of the Sea Point Promenade (shortly dipped our toes into the ocean), followed by a delicious lunch at the Santa Anna Spur at the V&A waterfront. The staff is always so lovely and forthcoming. A huge thank you to the staff and Spur for hosting us once again.

Last but not least, THANK YOU LUKE! Our veteran photography volunteer. Sisanda and the kids from the Ottery Centre are so grateful that you entered the World of Sisanda. We appreciate you for giving us your time and sharing your passion with kindness. (The next course will hopefully start soon.) :)

The photos taken by the kids will be uploaded this space.

Pictures from the day